Thursday, February 26, 2009

Una's - Darlinghurst

Una's Darlinghurst

After a hectically bad day at uni, I felt like a huge hearty meal to cheer me up. And hence, to huge giant schnitzel's we went! (the spontaneity means you have to cope with my mob pics)

Exciting blackboard menu

Looking at the blackboard and the menu, there were so many things I wanted. But being conservative, I went for the Chicken Jaeger ($19.90) served with yummy Rosti and somewhat oily cabbage salad.

When my Chicken Jaeger came out (ie. drenched in mushroom sauce), I was dumbfounded by the size. Yes, I wanted a huge hearty meal... but to get two big pieces of freshly deep-fried super crispy chicken schnitzel drenched in mushie sauce... dream come true! (not that I could finish it) It was soooo deliciousness! My partner believed that it too, was a top-rate chicken schnitzel (comparable to Tin Kee on Lvl 1 foodcourt, Westfield Parramatta), and for him to give that rating, that is definately saying something! The mushie sauce also had an unexpected kick to it~ mmm... so yummy!

The cabbage salad was a bit more oily and peppery than expected, but still makes me feel healthier than the schnitzel. And the rosti??? Heavenly! Kind of like a hashbrown - only better!

Chicken Jaeger with rosti and cabbage salad - $19.90

Cabbage salad (with meal)

My partner had a difficult time choosing between the pork knuckle and the blackboard special - Pork Schnitzel with rosti and cabbage salad ($19.90).

I loved my mushroom sauce - but to experience such tenderness (and hugeness) of pork schnitzel... how do they do it??? The pork was succulent and tasty, tender with every bite yet perfectly crunchy and crumbly. Wow! Amazingness! (althought I still stand by my mushie sauce).

Pork Schnitzel with rosti and cabbage salad - $19.90

The waiters were nice and friendly, and the atmosphere was cozy and warm. Una's is truely hospitality from the heart - and I heart giant schnitzels!

food - 9/10
service - 7/10
ambiance - 7/10
value for money - 7/10
overall - 30/40

Una's Darlinghurst
340 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst 2010
Tel: (02) 9360 6885

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