Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bar Reggio - Darlinghurst

Bar Reggio

Our group of around 20 decided to chill out and dine at Bar Reggio. We booked for 8pm - but the place was packed out and people were waiting to be seated meaning that we didn't get out table at the time we wanted. Due to our group size, we were made to order the function menu. My past experiences with function menus have not been great - so, I was slightly sceptical of the food for the night. Against all odds, for at mere $26 each, we got "unlimited" salad, garlic/herb bread/pizza, pasta and pizzas. I have to say, they didn't even need to give us seconds or refills, we were stuffed to the brink. Or maybe we're just not very big eaters :)


We got a variety of mixed garden salads- but I only got to photo the closest one to me. This one had tuna, lettuce, spanish onions, cucumber, tomato with yummy vinegarette sprinkled on top. I thnk another salad had feta cheese on top.

Garlic Bread

The baskets of toasty garlic bread (slightly burnt) was deliciousness~ Very buttery and with visible crushed garlic. Very yum yum :P


Then there was the bruchetta pizza. I didn't try this. I believed that there would be enough food without needing myself to venture into the tomato world - and I was right. But my friends were non-stoppedly saying how great it was.

Herb pizza

This herb-topped pizza was surprisingly chilli-ish. I had to intersperse my bites of this pizza with bites of my garlic bread. It was still yummy though.

Variety of pastas

After the starters came the pasta - a mix of tomato-based penne, olive-cream based fettacine, and creamy mushroom farfalle. I love my creamy pastas and topped them with parmesan cheese. But my bias aside - I have to say that the pastas were quite average tasting.

And now for the range of pizzas. There were vegetarian pizzas, barbeque meat-lovers, ham and pineapple, chicken pizzas - and a lot more that I couldn't manage to photo before my friends dug into them. The pizzas were pretty good with the topping filled to the edge. The pizza base wasn't too thin or too thick. Overall - pizza's were nice but I guess not overlly fantastamagical.

ham & pineapple pizza
BBQ meatlovers
BBQ Chicken Pizza

Food - 7/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 6.5/10
Overall - 26.5/40

Bar Reggio
135 Crown Street
NSW 2010
tel: (02) 9332 1129

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