Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queen Cake Bakery - Carlingford

When does food get too cute to eat?

It just should not be done. Cute food needs to be preserved, not gobbled :P

At Carlingford Village, we found super cute buns at this Queen Cake Bakery store.

Queen Cake Bakery

There were mini crabs and piggies and turtles. The crab wasn't as cute so we only bought the Piggy and the Turtle. The piggy was a spam and cheese bun. The turtle had chocolate filling.

Lil miss Piggy

Lil tiny turtle

Ngawwww.... look at the cute adorable turtle? How can any one even contemplate eating these?
I couldn't (stares iffily at my partner ... grrrr).

Well, to check out the bun quality at this backery, I bought a normal looking sausage bun. And the verdict?

Errr... let's just stick with how cute the bun was :)

Queen Cake Bakery
372 Pennant Hills Road,
NSW 2118
Tel: (02) 298726088


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

How cute is that little piggy face? It makes me want to try and make bread rolls like that :)

bbsnoopy said...

but then it'll be too cute to eat! :P

Anonymous said...

We love this shop, my kids are addicted to the Turtles, my Hubby the mini sponge cakes & I love it all depending on the mood.
Their coffee is Devine - I like a strong flat white & often dissapointed. Here I'v never had a bad coffee :-).
Their cakes do taste different but that's what we like about it, it's unique & that's what keeps us comming back.
Service always friendly with a smile.
Freshness guaranteed because they cook it right there. You can see them doing it.
I truly recommend.