Monday, December 14, 2009

Eaton Restaurant - Ashfield

Midnight snack cravings always take us to either Ashfield or Beverly Hills. We decided that for tonight, Beverly Hills was slightly too far and hence, we ended up at Eaton House. When we first stepped in, we were taken back by the renovations. The shop used to look slightly run down and dodgy, with names of dishes stuck all over the walls. This night, we stepped in and it looked ... nice. Fresh paint on the walls and yeh - very... restauranty feel.

A must order every time we dine here is the "XO fried double noodles". Essentially, this is rice noodles and vermicelli tossed with veges and pork and seasoned with XO sauce. My partner is a lover of XO sauce and hence, and extra plate of this was in order (and yes, given the opportunity, he would eat the sauce by itself). According to my parnter and his brother, it is super super hard to cook this dish as if you don't put enough oil in it, everything sticks to the wok, and if you put too much oil in it, it becomes way too oily to be tasty. However, Eaton house does this dish very well - not too oily and extremely tasty.

XO double fried noodles

Legendary XO sauce

Congee is always an awesome choice when we midnight snack asian style. Crab congee is usually delicious and sweet - but comes in a bowl that's way too big for our party of (not extremely hungry) four. Hence, we opted for the next best - thousand egg congee with extra thousand egg. Whilst this would be pretty awesome congee by normal Australian standards, it was a level under what was tasted at the awesome hawker stall in Singapore. Yummy nonetheless though.

Thousand Egg Congee

Lastly, we ordered a plate of fried flat rice noodles with beef. This was ordinary and like pretty much any other beef flat rice noodle. Quite a good addition to a midnight snack though.

fried beef flat rice noodle

Service here is never too good unless you're a "regular". The seafood here is always fresh though. If you have a chance (and am willing to spend a bit), definately go for the XO pipis with thin rice noodle base and the crab congee. They used to give fruit and a bitter melon jelly (which was super awesome) after the meal, but this night, we only got watermelon. Always satisfies a midnight craving, I think we will definately be back.

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 30/40

Eaton Restaurant
313 Liverpool Road
NSW 2131
tel: (02) 9798 2332

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