Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tom n Toms - Sydney

Tom n Toms

Ever passed by the Starbucks look-alike but in red writing... AND it says "Tom n Toms" rather than Starbucks... It's apparently a popular Korean coffee joint and since my last Korean coffee experience was actually quite good and my partner has high reviews of this coffee, I decided to give it a shot.

I ordered my Mocha and my partner ordered his Capp. Although still not as creamy smooth as I would have liked it, I have to say, it was actually a decent coffee. They also offer a variety of pretzels but because we were rushing off to a dinner date after, food was not on the menu for today.

Coffee - takeaway :)

In all, I think that the coffee here is decent - well worth a return visit. Give it a go if you're up for the Korean franchised westernised coffee :)

Drink - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 28/40

Tom n Toms
97 Bathurst St
NSW 2000
tel: (02) 9267 9989


Maria said...

I love my mocha's!

Hubby and I did a barista course this year (I went back for a second day to gain a TAFE certificate and do a bit of coffee art).. Then a couple of months later we bought a coffee machine.. an economical Breville Cafe Crema (after doing my research). Ideally we'd love a $700 machine & $200 grinder..but the barista training was over $400!

Anyway.. It's nice to be able to make good coffee's at home..however.. I still buy coffee when I'm out. I'm such a foodie and don't know anyone other than my husband who shares my passion for dining out and eating.

You sound like a woman after my own heart.

Angus said...

Hi there,

Love your blog! Wanted to let you know about a Barista Course in Sydney we are running at Black Market Roasters. It's a 3 hour course designed for beginners. Head over and check it out if you have time

Sheena said...

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But if you like to enrol the package Cafe Management Essentials plus Master Barista Coffee Courses - 3 information packed hours, you may contact CBD College at 1300 659 361

Umar farukh said...

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