Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jonahs - Whale Beach

Looking for food with a view?
This is it.


For my birthday dinner, my partner booked us in for dinner at Jonah's. Situated at Whale beach, the restaurant is perched high up in the cliffs but looks down to a simply amazingly clear blue watered, yellow sand beach. Breath-taking!

We were welcomed by friendly waiters who allowed us to chill with cocktails at their terrace overlooking the breath-taking views until we felt like settling in for dinner which was definately a nice touch. And when finally seated, we were again served by a friendly (yet not hassling) waiter.

Canapes and bread were complimentary. For the night, we got foie gras with crispy hammon and heirloom tomato. The hammon was super thinly sliced yet flavoursome through and through. The foie gras, thought just a tiny blob, was distinct and strong. Not a bad start.

foie gras with crispy hammon and heirloom tomato

The damper style bread we were served with was warm and soft yet crispy hard on the outside. More damper-like meant that the bread was quite a bit more dense. I think I prefer normal white bread :)

warm damper bread

My partner and I decided to share two entrees. The first was an angel hair pasta with Queensland spanner crab and tossed with lemon zest, garlic, chilli flakes and parmigiano reggiano ($28). We had overheard the next table rave on about how awesome this pasta was. And it was good. Subtle. But it wasn't the most excellent pasta I've ever had.

Queensland spanner crab and angel hair pasta - $28

The other entree option picked was the "avocado con frutti di mare" ($30). This comprised of a seared Hervey Bay scallop which was cooked really almost perfectly, a good dallop of burnt avocado mousseline, 2 pre-peeled king prawns, an avocado tomato salmon roe tower and a Sydney Rock oyster with avocado oil. The dish was again fresh and subtle. The avocado mousse went with pretty much everything which was awesome!

"avocado con frutti di mare" - $30

For mains, we ordered two fish dishes. One was grilled yellowfin tuna AND ocean trout AND Hervey Bay scallops ($49). Yes. It was quite hectic and slightly chaotic. The tuna steak was very very dense. A bit too heavy and strong for my liking. This was contrasted by the super soft tender and light ocean trout which I preferred muchly! The scallops were again cooked almost perfectly but I guess when I'm comparing to the giant scallops we got in Taipei, these scallops were definately babies. These two seafood options were served with wilted snowpea leaves, snow peas and baby radish.

grilled yellowfin tuna and ocean trout and Hervey Bay scallops - $49

The other main was the seared John Dory with Blue Swimmer crab meat. This was topped with a baby herb salad which was very much refreshingness but what better, was the melted leek pile with crab meat intermixed which sat on the bottom and was drenched in the buttery sauce. Heavenly! The three sweet pea pikelets surrounding the pile of fish was slightly odd though. Very strong in pea flavour but odd. And the fish was just average ish.

John Dory - $49

I have to say, dissappointingly, our stomachs could fit no more. Though tempted by the thought of dessert, my stomach simply protested. Next time. Maybe.

Food - 7/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 9.5/10
Value for money - 6.5/10
Overall - 31/40

69 Bynya Road,
Whale Beach
NSW 2108
Tel: (02) 9974 5599


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

No famous wobbly pannacotta? The sweet pea pikelets look oddly alluring.

Anonymous said...

These food blogs are so enthralling and meaningful, I wonder what an starving African kid would think when he reads this review ???