Monday, October 1, 2012

Sacher Cake in Vienna

Prior to our Euro trip, one of my colleagues had told me that a 'must do' in Vienna was to go to Hotel Sacher to have some sacher torte. The Sacher torte is one of the most famous Viennese desserts - invented by Mr Franz Sacher in the 1800s. It's pretty much a layer of marmalade (usually apricot jam) spread in between two chocolate sponges then covered in dark chocolate icing.

My first experience of this famous cake was at the Residenz (at Schonbrunn Palace) as it was showering a bit and we were stuck indoors. They had a cabinet full of different cakes but, you know, had to pick the local specialty. Have to say - it wasn't bad here. But at the same time, it also wasn't anything special. Kinda just like chocolate sponge cake with chocolate icing :P

Upon advice from my colleague, we had to also try this cake at Hotel Sacher (which as the name indicates, is super famous for their Sacher cake). The spongy bit was probably a bit lighter and softer here and the jam was more distinct. The chocolate was also richer and more chocolatey. Unfortunately, whilst I am a massive chocolate fan, I am not a jam fan. And it was after this slice that I decided to move on to eating it's cousins (e.g. the chocolate truffle cake)

Cafe Restaurant Residenz Schonbrunn
Schloss Sch├Ânbrunn.
Kavalierstrakt 52  vom Haupttor links, 1130 Vienna, Austria
Tel: 01 24100300

Hotel Sacher
Philharmonikerstra├če 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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