Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zen Oasis - Berrima

Vegetarian buffet? Say WHAT?
The news did not go down very well for my meat-eating hubby when my parents had wanted us to accompany them to Zen Oasis - a vegetarian buffet in the countryside. We had braced ourselves for the worst but were pleasantly surprised by the lovely peaceful vibe the place exuded.

Opening only on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch (and you NEED to book), there was a bit of a crowd waiting for the restaurant to open at 11.30am. I for one, was pleasantly surprised at the huge array of food. The waitress politely emphasised the 'only get what you eat' policy which I thought was fair enough, and funnily enough, I think that all patrons respected that.

There was a bar for entree foods - all yummy, bettered and deep fried. My favourite was probably this seaweed mushroom ball (a button mushroom wrapped in crispy seaweed then gently golden-brownly deep fried), and their crispy seaweed crackers which was sweet, sesame seed coated, and very addictive. Other entrees on offer included the curry puffs, spring rolls, deep fried taro ball, a pastry thing and banana fritters. I tried everything (minus the banana) and was happy to go for seconds.
The middle section housed the mains. Encased around the three walls of mains was a little asian man making vegetarian sushi. His sushi was really fresh-tasting and delish! Loved it - and ate loads of sushi LOL. There were also some imitation meats (e.g. imitation prawns, beef, pork cutlet) all made from ingredients such as tofu, eggplant and mushrooms. Dumplings and fried rice was also available.

There was also a salad bar and a lovely tofu/mushroomy asian soup. Next to all this was a quaint little tea section - green tea (with some floral scent), milk tea (with matcha powder), gow gee tea, and some other floral one.
Last but not least - dessert time! There was a good selection of asian cakes, mochi, jellies and fruit. My favourite of the lot was probably the tiramisu. Definitely some hits and misses on the dessert table :P

I believe that it was an interesting experience. Personally, I wouldn't say no to a revisit but it is a bit out of the way and hubby did find himself longing for meat after the meal.

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 29/40

Zen Oasis
230 Medway Road
NSW 2577
Tel: (02) 4877 1285

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