Friday, May 24, 2013

Kepos Street Kitchen - Redfern

One of my colleagues has been telling me how awesome this cafe on Kepos Street was - good coffee, good food, good vibe - how could I resist but give it a try? Arriving around 11am ish, there was already a line and a wait of around half an hour for a table of two. And so we chilled around, looked at the other enticing cafes around until we were called back to get our table.

Being seated outside, it was quite a chillaxy vibe. Sunshine and smiles all round. We ordered coffees (which was coffee from the Grounds at Alexandria) which were quite good - both the latte and the flat white.
Foodwise - we made it there in time for their breakfast menu. Hubby ordered the soft baked eggs ($15). This was a small tajine with two soft baked eggs and tomato shakshuka, served with a small pot of coriander tah on the side and crunchy toast. I was a little undecided about his dish. I think we've had better versions of this in Melbourne at Cumulus Inc. This one was a bit watery and less flavoursome. The coriander tah was deliciously fresh tasting though!
soft baked eggs - $15

I ordered the zucchini fritters ($18). This was served in a cute little frying pan - two zucchini fritters with smoked salmon, poached eggs and dill. First few bites was delicious... then I felt a little egg overload.
Zucchini fritters with smoked salmon - $18
I think that overall, we weren't super impressed by Kepos Street Kitchen. We preferred the food at Reuben Hills (Surry Hills) but I can see how this Mediterranean style food can appeal.

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29/40

Kepos Street Kitchen
96 Kepos Street
NSW 2016
Tel: (02) 9319 3919

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