Thursday, May 1, 2014

Which Burger Reigns Supreme?

On our recent trip to America, albeit with a slight detour to Brisbane, we were lucky enough to sample a range of burgers. There was the MOS burger, the Shake Shack burger, and the Five Guys burger. 

The MOS burger, originating from Japan, also has a few branches in Brisbane. The MOS burger is a cute little package, freshly made to order, and typically with a super tasty tomatoey-based sauce. The patty is really juicy and full of flavour. The only let down on this particular night was that the bun was a bit dry, lacked a bit of softness and freshness, a tad too chewy and not enough of that normal fluffiness that we normally like in a bun.
MOS Burger
Gourmet Wagyu Burger
The shake shack burger is also a cute little package. The patty at Shake Shack is even tastier than that in a MOS burger. It comes with this super tasty relish sauce that makes the whole burger amazing! The bun here is also super soft and fluffy... I think also a little sweet, which makes the burger super delectable.
Shack Burger

The Five Guys burger is a different story altogether. You get two patties here, and unlike the other two burgers which may possibly pass as semi healthy, you know that you are in for a heart attack when you bite into this one. The patty, though tender, lacked a bit of taste (in my mind... my companions for this burger trip thought it was tasty enough) compared to the other burgers. It comes with a couple of slices of cheese. And the amount of condiments you get in the burger? You get to choose as little or as many as you'd like (e.g. pickles, onions, mayo, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato etc etc etc). It is a super dense and heavy-duty burger. Reminds me a bit like a whopper :P
Cheeseburger with lettuce, mayo and grilled onion
Chips from Five Guys
Cheeseburger with EVERYTHING
So the verdict? I think that my favourite is the shake shack burger. So how do I get some of that over here in Sydney??!?!?  :(

MOS Burger :
Shake Shack :
Five Guys Burgers :


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

We had Shake Shack and Five Guys when in the US but our fave was In N Out!

Fashimi said...

Shake Shack started my whole burger obsession. I didn't get to try Five Guys, but I hear it's good. In-n-Out is great and totally good value for money but Shake Shack has my heart!