Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cafe Domain - Melbourne

Waking up on a lazy Saturday morning (yes, everything in Melbourne is lazy compared to Sydney - for me anyway), I was looking forward to a nice relaxing brunch with my partner (yes!!! it's weekend, no more looking like a loner strolling the streets of Melbourne).

We searched up breakfast places and nice cafes in Melbourne and decided on Mart 103 (supposedly the 'Bills of Melbourne'). So, how did we end up at Cafe Domain???
Ahh, long story.

First, we failed to find Mart 103 (the reason for this will be covered in a subsequent post), then we decided on going to Cafe Botanical (but by now, it was past noon and everyone in store seemed to be lunching it up), and hence, we opted for next door - ie. Cafe Domain - as it was filled with breakfast-eating people and seemed to give off a good vibe.

Cafe Domain

We were told to sit, and browse the menu. Orders are made at the counter, and we just need to quote our table number.

So I guess that service was close to invisible, apart from them bringing us food, and taking our plates away.

To me, it was still breakfast. And hence, my favourite Eggs Benedict ($14.90) were ordered along with my partner's choice of 2 fried eggs + toast + bacon (around $12-13 all up).

So how did these turn out?
mmm... not exactly disappointing (as it has to be quite horrible if hollandaise sauce or poached eggs were to go wrong), but... the looks of this dish???

Well, my two poached eggs and semi-dried ham was squashed onto a tiny tiny piece of bread. And accompanying it were two stray spinach leaves (which, according to my partner, is merely "decoration" and not meant to be eaten).

Eggs Benedict - $14.90

And my partner's dish? Not much better either. Again, two eggs squashed onto a small piece of toast and a little bunch of bacon on the side. And of course, there was the two lone spinach leaves.

My partner's breakfast mix - 2 fried eggs, bacon, toast - $12-13

Close-up of the peppered eggs

In all, probably a bad choice of cafe on my behalf. The eggs benedict were good - as it can't really go wrong. But for the price, I'm sure I could do better. Same for my partner's dish - I think I could have dished it out better.

Food - 5/10
Service - 3/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 6/10
Overall - 21/40

Cafe Domain
171 Domain Road
Tel: (03) 9866 3120

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