Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Le Montage - Lilyfield

Ah, wedding food at a nice function center in Lilyfield, namely, Le Montage.
Le Montage

The location is pretty, and the decor relaxing yet brings along a sense of elegance. And the bride? Beautiful! :P The bread got us all wondering what the food would be like. Rock solid on the outside, if you were lucky enough to rip it open and examine the insides of the roll, it was nice and soft. However, eating the roll together (the outside and the inside) was... um... tough?
Bread rolls - rock hard outside, soft on the inside

The first entree came exceeding everyone's expectations. A smoked salmon tower filled with creamy kipfler potato, avocado and cucumber salad, all resting on fresh rocket and surrounded by a cherry tomato and citrus dressing, and finished with a touch of salmon caviar. I just to happened to be a fan of smoked salmon, and of potato salad and thus, I just so happened to enjoy this dish. The only downfall was the rocket which was drenched in the citrus dressing and slightly too oily and citrusy tasting for my liking. The dish was also really really filling - and if this was the only dish served for the night, I still would have been satisfied.
Salmon Tower

Dissection of the salmon tower

Then came entree number two - homemade Fussili pasta topped with Arrabiata sauce. It was tomato-y and slightly chilli which was nicely complemented by the strong taste of parmesan cheese. Again, a filling dish.
Fussili pasta

And now for mains. There was a "choice" of two - either chicken or scotch fillet (too bad for the vegetarians!). From a quick glance at the menu, I had wanted to try the scotch fillet which rested on roasted kipfler potato, watercress and Spanish onion and finished with a red currant jus. However, for better or worse, the oven baked half baby chicken was placed in front of me. It was served with baby mushrooms, onions and roasted potatoes, and finished with rosemary jus. Which was better? Well, I truelly enjoyed my chicken which was moist and tender and flavoursome. The scotch fillet, on the other hand, received mixed reviews. One friend thought it was quite nice, another (quite a few) thought it to be very tough and chewy.
Scotch Fillet

Dissection of the steak

nice juicy tender chicken

Lastly, dessert! Vanilla bean creme brulee served with biscotti. The creme brulee lacked in burnt sugar toffee but the biscotti was nice.
Creme Brulee

Well, congrats to the bride and groom, and hope they can live happily together forever!

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - /10
Overall - 22+?/40

Le Montage

38 Frazer Street
Leichhardt, NSW, 2040

Tel: (02) 9555 6099


Les said...

Omg that's where Mimi had her formal at! The waterview and all that :D It's a nice place

Kessan said...

I had my wedding there 6 months ago. What a fantastic place. The staff were amazing. And the food was phenomenal. After our gnocchi with osso bucco (The BEST!!!), the main course came out. It was a choice of scotch fillet resting on kipfler, or Chicken Breast wrapped in pancetta with a creamy mushroom risotto.

I had the scotch fillet. I was really nervous because i forgot to tell them how much i hate steak served red. I guess they are used to so many people wanting properly cooked meat, because it came out perfect. God i cant wait to go there again. It was so good. My family loved it and were well taken care of.

If you are thinking about having a function at Le Montage, I STRONGLY recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Attended La Montage for a wedding recently. The food was dreadful, the service appalling, and the MC a real let down. I would not recommend this place

Miss Coordinate said...

I don't know if you have a good sense of the hospitality industry at all, but vegetarians actually get a vegetarian meal through organised dietary requirements / given on the night on request. It's how every function runs.

Anonymous said...

Inquired at this venue for my wedding a few years ago.The staff are quite rude and after all that treatment the down graded us to the smaller room without our say in the matter!I think the gentlemans name was John,very arrogant to say the least.In my opinion use this place as your last choice

Anonymous said...

DO NOT BOOK THIS VENUE FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!! I attended a wedding couple of months ago Feb 2014 and the food is awful. The venue looks amazing and the room definitely has the wow factor but the staff and the food is a massive letdown. Reading the above blog, seems 6 years later they still can't get the bread right. The bread was stale. My boyfriend and I shared the alternate serving so I got to try both serving. Both entrées was dry and bland. The chicken was really dry and chewy while the scotch fillet was way overcooked and almost tasteless. The dessert however was the only thing that was worth eating on the menu. Meanwhile the staff was very rude and LeMontages own DJ/MC did not get the music right for the bridal party's entrance song and played too many old music.

Hanh Nguyen said...

I just had my wedding at the le montage and let me tell you i had bad customer service from their staffs, some of our guess didn't even get some of their dishes, and kids meal no desert for kid meals and our vegetarian guests andbout staff, their lighting are the worst also they have lost our all our bombonniers even we'd ask for it at the end of our wedding.
Aftering numerous email calls and visit to raise our issues non of of their staffs want to deal with us and by the time a manager call and sorted the issues out this is what their outcome ( due to your un professionals videographer and photographers which they clearly unanle to work under any lighting to give you good footages and photos and due to your bombonniers itbis your responsibility to collecting them on the night (even for the 7th time we have mention that we have asked for it on the night and on of their staffs return it to us and it now our fault?) So their generous managing directors willing tobpay for our dinner at their grand terrace to compensate for all off their wrong and fails to ammit that they are at faults.

I am now going through legal battle with le montage. If anyone have had bad experiences with le montage and unhappy with the way they resolve with the matter please feel free to contact me.