Friday, October 17, 2008

Night Noodle Market (Good Food Month) - Hyde Park

In the middle of the high tension hustle-bustle city of Sydney, more hustle and bustle was found at Hyde Park for the Good Food Month - Night Noodle Market.

There were heaps of restaurants holding stores - many many noodles and many many more deep fried food. The boost the atmosphere even more, there was a dragon dance so the accompanying drums made the environment all the more louder!

Good Food Month

Dragon Dance

So which stores to eat at? There were so many to choose from! My partner and I did a round of the place (or attempted to). Halfway on our rounds, the aura of salt and pepper squid was too great a temptation. And we succumbed to Squidlicious - for Seafood Plate 1 ($12). This comprised of salt and pepper squid, battered prawns, and battered scallops with veges and prawn crackers.


So how was it? It was better than I expected. The scallops (or at least my 2) were nice and juicy, the salt and pepper calamari was full of flavour but the prawns were just average. My partner thought the whole thing was just... average. hehehe...

Seafood Plate 1 - $12

After we finished our lap of the stores, it was a toss up between pad thai or dim sims. My partner suggested that we went for dim sims from East Ocean because there was a deal that came with yet, MORE salt and pepper calamari ($30).

East Ocean Restaurant

There was a variety of dim sims, ranging from prawn dim sim, to pork siu mai, to egg tart, to BBQ pork bun, spring rolls, mango pudding... and the list goes on. It wasn't the most excellent dim sims I've had, but was good enough to satisfy a craving. The mango pudding was a great relief from all the deep fried oily MSG-filled foods! My partner pretty much finished the salt and pepper calamari by himself. I don't know how he did it, but I'm semi-glad he washed it all down with a can of coke after! LOL

Oh, and there was the san choi bao - meat mixture with preserved veges wrapped in lettuce. Ahh... lettuce. Sounds awesome after the other unhealthy things! The egg tart was also surprisingly alright. It was cold, but it was decent.

Dim Sims

Salt and Pepper Calamari

San Choi Bao and Mango Pudding

The atmosphere at the park grew as the night came in with pretty lights being turned on. It was quite a decent feed and quite a nice and chillaxy way to spend an evening :)

As the evening comes in... pretty lights!!! :)

I think the only disappointment was that we didn't get to eat any noodles at a noodle market. Oh well...

Food = 7/10
Service = ?
Ambiance = 8/10
Value for Money = 7/10
Overall = 22 + ? /40

Night Noodle Markets
Hyde Park North
October 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th

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