Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cocolo Thai & Japanese Dining Bar - Randwick

After a prolonged period of starvation following a busy day at uni, a few friends and I rocked up to 'the spot' at Randwick and ended up at Cocolo, a Thai and Japanese restaurant. For those who are wondering if this is a fusion restaurant... well, the menu has elements of Japanese food and elements of Thai food but the fusion bit is a bit err... awkward... (I shall explain this later on).


One of my friends ordered the Chirashi Don ($9.90) which she described as a 'giant sushi in a bowl'. The sashimi pieces look quite fresh, and as no complaints came from my friend (although this could have been due to our starved exhausted state), I'm inclined to think that this dish was quite alrite.

Chirashi Don - $9.90

Another of my friends ordered a Massamun Curry with Mixed Vegetables ($12.90). The bowl of curry was quite big (I thought) and slightly more watery than I'm used to seeing. Although the curry was quite large, along with the big bowlb of rice, my friend seemed to consider it just as a first dinner - or perhaps as "snack" - as she mentioned that she had dinner waiting for her at home too~ hehehe. But having said that, I must reiterate that we had all had a long exhausting day.

Massamun Curry - $12.90

My next friend ordered the Shio Butter Ramen ($9.90), whilst I ordered the Miso Ramen ($9.90). The ramen is also where I believe, this "fusion" restaurant goes wrong. When I order ramen, I guess I'm expecting half an egg (which this place provides), a couple of thin slices of pork (which here, is substituted by chicken), some corn, bamboo shoots, and shallots (which here, appears to be just a selection of greens normally found in stir-fries). I guess my problem with these substitutions is firstly, the look of the dish - makes it look messy and less appetising, the oddness - I've never had zucchini and brocoli with ramen (outside of my home-made two minute noodles with all the left overs chucked in), and lastly, the taste - the chicken was... urm... wierd tasting. The chicken peices in my bowl had a somewhat sour taste to them - and dunking it in the "miso" soup did not make it any better. So, I just let them be at the bottom of my bowl. Speaking of the soup base, it was alot less "miso-y" than expected. My friend also commented that her buttered-up soup was a bit odd as well (which is understandable as butter in ramen must must MUST be accompanied by corn!).

Shio Butter Ramen - $9.90

Miso Ramen - $9.90

In all, I must say that I didn't really like the "fusion" in my ramen, and the next time I come here, I think I'll stick with a pad thai or some sushi. Although the food wasn't brill at this restaurant, my company was - and without my lovely friends, I definately would have went home dissappointed by the meal. The service was average and the ambiance... nothing brilliant but I think we WERE the noise, so no complaints from me! :)

Food - 5/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Value for money - 5/10
Overall - 22/40

Cocolo Thai and Japanese Dining Bar
20 Perouse Rd
Randwick, NSW
Tel: (02) 9326 3855


bebi.j said...

hmmmm sour chicken....could it b off food?

u should've let them know.. n they should given u a free dinner!!

this place looks....very gross indeed......

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - not visiting there again
should go for arthur's pizza! :P