Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trevi Lakeside Restaurant - Norwest

Decided on a family dinner to herald the end of my exams 2008.
To break the monotony of a Chinese food streak, we decided on Trevi Lakeside.

Trevi Lakeside

The restaurant was quite busy, and customers seemed to keep coming and coming.
The restaurant must have a nice attraction somewhere - thought I.

Certainly can't be the service that's keeping everyone? There were only 3 visible waiters roaming around the tables - and, either because we weren't regulars, or because we we're asian, or because we didn't order wine - we didn't even get to hear the "today's specials" when some (not all) tables around us seemed to have this pleasantry.

Nonetheless, we ordered 1/2 a dozen of "house" oysters ($17), which were oysters topped with ricotta, crushed macadamia, baby spinach and vinocotto. Interesting, but I prefer them natural i think. Cooking it "house" style was interesting, but the piled on ricotta overpowered, well, everything I guess. An interesting concept - but one which looses the oyster.

half-dozen house oysters - $17

My mum ordered the "linguini al vongole e granchio" ($27). This was linguini with fresh blue swimmer crab meat, yamba king prawns, and vongole all in a garlic white wine, basil and parsley. Hmm... again, attractive on paper - less so in real life - and even less in taste. The sauce was watery and somewhat bland.

linguini al vongole e granchio - $27

My dad took the lamb racks, chargilled and macadamia crusted, with potato gratin, buttered french beans and vinocotto glaze (the "agnello di casa" $36). I'm not a fan of lamb. My dad knew this and offered me to the potato gratin which was... very very lamby. My dad seemed to enjoy this dish - and my mum too (more so than hers).

agnello di casa - $36

Lastly, my dish. The "salmone" ($34). This was a grilled atlantic salmon fillet with crusted pistacchio on mushroom and asparagus rissotto and drizzled with truffle oil. The salmon was a touch (or a bit more than a touch) overcooked. The crusted pistacchio top was super salty - but without it, was 'super hard to taste anything much' - ie. tasteless. The risotto, however, was not bad and oh so very creamy and filling. However, I'm not quite sure how well the salmon went with the risotto. Seemed like they could be better off sitting on two separate dishes.

salmone - $34

Food aside, the ambiance of the restaurant is great! It was quiet and peaceful when we first entered. We had a table which overlooked an artificial lake and a water fountain and many many little duckies. Very nice. I guess what dissappointed me was the service (of which, they barely spoke to us - not even when they put down our dishes), and the quality of the food (which sounded so enticing on paper). Dessert was not ordered as we didn't want to find ourselves stuck at the restaurant for another half-an-hour or more just for that one coffee or dessert plate. Hence, my family made a quick exit and got the bill even before our table was cleared.

Food - 4/10

Service - 3/10

Ambiance - 8/10

Value for money - 5/10

Overall - 20/40

Trevi Lakeside Restaurant
Shop 5, 8 Century Circuit

Norwest Business Park

Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

(02) 8850 0111


chocolatesuze said...

aw shame you didnt have a good time the same thing happened for us the first time we visited trevi- we werent too impressed with the food or the service but the 2nd visit they remembered us and service was an improvement esp as they recommended certain dishes.. the degustation is pretty good and definitely save room for dessert!

bbsnoopy said...

Hmmm... that's very interesting.
Maybe I should give it another try and this time, check out the degustation (as the photos on your site look very yummy indeed)! :)

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