Monday, December 22, 2008

Watermark - Balmoral Beach

To begin this post, I must give credit to my sleep-loving, not-always-full-of-patience, yet willing-to-put-up-with-me partner for he was woken up before 8am to listen to the long list of things I wanted to eat that day. The list included eggs and toast (maybe from Bills or Dank St Depot), huge chicken schnitzel (maybe from Una's), huge pork knuckle (maybe from Löwenbräu Keller), sausage + egg + my fav brand of 2-min noodles (aka "doll son noodles"), mashed potatos, siu mai, etc etc. When my partner finally couldn't take it anymore, he decided - Ryo's ramen it was! And by this time, it was past 11.30am (ie. no longer breakfast time).

With anticipation, my mind was filled with yummy tonkotsu-based thick-souped ramen and soft-shell crab during our drive to Ryo's - only to be overcome by disappointment as they were closed. Why do Jap people enjoy holidays when I most crave their food?!?!?!?!!

Anyway, thanks to my partner's quick thinking, we landed at our lunch destination before 1pm. Although I was hesitant to walk further than the lovely-smelling kiosk selling chips and hotdogs at Balmoral beach (I was absolutely starving!!!), we eventually made it to Watermark. And boy was I glad I didn't opt for the kiosk.


Presented with a nice looking menu, I was indecisive (again) and wanted the beef, the chicken and the salmon. Even though I was hungry, I still don't think I could have managed three mains. To help me out, my partner ordered the beef, whilst I settled for the salmon.


Complementary bread came first. It was warm-ish and soft and yummy. But the crust was definitely hard to break off - and yes, I did make a nice little mess on my table.

Complementary bread

When our mains came out, I was all awe and amazement. WOW!
I love it when food is asthetically-pleasing and a work of art, more so when it smells deliciousness, and even more so when it gets placed in front of me! mmm... yum.

Roasted eye fillet of beef - cooked medium rare - $39

My partner's steak, roasted eye-fillet, cooked medium-rare, and surrounded by fondant potatoes, vine tomatoes, bone marrow, and topped with horseradish butter ($39) ... absolutely wonderfulness! Smelt great, looked great, and most importantly, tasted great!

Salmon - cooked medium rare - $38

And my dish ($38) - the photo does NOT do it justice! The black stroke on the right-hand side... looks so artistically like a stroke of black paint - only edible (ie. black squid ink). The pan fried salmon was super crispy-skinned yet awesomely soft and tender below. Cooked to a perfect medium rare. Accompanied with a small toss of calamari and crispy eschallot salad, it was deliciousness when eaten with the squid-ink sauce. And pea-sauce was dribbled-on just right to complete the artistic-quality of the dish.

We also ordered two sides. The green salad ($9), and the potato puree ($8). The green salad was just tossed so perfectly - not drenched in vinigarette, yet tastey on every fresh leafy component. And the potato puree... words can not describe the buttery creaminess.

Green Salad with an Italian style vinigarette - $9

Potato Puree - $8

Overall, food wins out. Such an awesomeness lunch that my partner will never have to pull me away from the yummy-tasting kiosk and convince me to eat at Watermark again - as I would be all hands up for Watermark! The service was nice and friendly. And view-wise? Balmoral is my favourite beach, so how can a restaurant which overlooks this beach have a bad view? :)

Would I come here again?
Well, how can I resist asthetically-pleasing dishes?

Food - 9.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 9/10
Value for money - 8.5/10
Overall - 35/40

2A The Esplanade
Balmoral Beach
NSW 2088
Tel: (02) 9968 3433


bebi.j said...

ooooooo~~~loveeee the look of ur salmon!!!
not too bad ne* was the place busy??

bbsnoopy said...

we were lucky enough the get the last available inside table.
so definately book next time - and book it next to window for even better view~