Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant - Rhodes

This post is long overdue... my partner said he'd take care of it... but then conveniently forgot about it :P
Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

In search of yum-cha food, my partner and I found ourselves at Rhodes Phoenix, a Chinese restaurant I've heard lots of good reviews about, but have been dying to try out.

On this particular Saturday (as I expect with every Saturday), this restaurant was packed out. Luckily, requiring only a 2-person table, we were happily seated within 15 minutes or so.

We sat, got our tea, and piled our table up with food. One of my partner's all-time favourites is salt-and-pepper squid. Palely deep fried and dusted with salt and pepper and topped with chilli, this dish was quite delectable and extremely addictive. The squid was soft, chewy and very easy to eat. Although I'm not as great a fan of salt-and-pepper squid, I thought this was quite amazing and probably would not have stopped my partner from ordering another plate of it (and that's saying something).

Salt and Pepper Squid

Another of my partner's favourites is the chicken feet in brown sauce. Again, this was quite very much an awesome dish. It was cooked almost perfectly, drenched in an almost perfect proportion of sauce and the sauce was almost perfectly tasting. Mmm... An ordinary dish taken to the ultimate deliciousness level.

Chicken Feet

The pork ribs was pretty much devoured by my partner who loved every moment of the soft tender and well-seasoned meat. I didn't get much of eating this, but the little of it that I did manage was quite satisfying.

Pork rib

Now onto my har gau (prawn dumpling). This was again, awesomely amazingness~ The prawns were super fresh tasting, with that cruchy fresh crisp feeling - not that icky mushy off-prawns taste. The dumpling skin was also very nicely done... not too thick, yet doesn't break at the touch of your chopsticks.
Har Gau

Last but not least, the pork and prawn dumpling (siu mai). This was surprisingly average. Other than it being fresh and steaming, it was just as tastey as most other siu mai's at other places. Still nice though... just not extraordinary.

Siu Mai

Well, as you may have gathered, the eating experience was extremely good. The food fresh and tastey. The service was normal - gave us tea when we needed it. A little pricier than most places. A little more comfy and quiet (due to high ceilings) than most places. Generally, a place I would love to revisit :)

Food - 9/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 6.5/10
Overall - 30.5/40

Rhodes Phoenix
Level 5
Rhodes Shopping Centre
1 Rider Blvde
Rhodes, NSW 2138
tel: (02) 9739 6628

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