Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shores - Mosman


Shores is one of those restaurants my partner and I have been dying to go for a while now. With the end of the entertainment card year and the closure of Shores (on June 21), I ensured that my partner booked us in for lunch even though it was supposed to be a rainy day.

When we arrived, we were greated by a nice friendly waitstaff who showed us to our table. However, the friendly waitress was replaced by our less friendly table waitress... I don't know if it was because of our age, or because she knows her job is in jeapardy, but whatever it was, her words were short and she did not like to smile... at all!

Oh well... let's concentrate on the food. We ordered the restaurant special sourdough bread. This came fresh and hot out of the oven. Soooo soft on the inside and so crisp and crunchy on the outside! That, coupled with the amazing marscapone with garlic and herb spread... heavenly! So light and yet so tastey.

Sourdough with olive oil and mascapone (with garlic and herb) dip

Also for starters, we ordered the seared scallops ($25.00). The scallops were each sitting on wasabi-potato puree. The wasabi flavour was so subtle, we hardly reaslised it was there. The wakame ponzu sauce on the otherhand, was much more flavoursome. The scallops themselves were not overcooked... but I think they would have been better textured with a few seconds less on the grill.

seared scallops on wasabi-potato puree, wakame and ponzu dressing - $25.00

My partner ordered the chargrill beef fillet ($35.00). The beef sat on a pink-eyed potato and mozarella cake, and swam in pesto red-wine jus. Cooked medium rare, it was very flavoursome and tender... and all gobbled up by my partner.

chargrilled beef fillet - $35.00

I had the grilled harimasa king fish ($35.00). This was accompanied by stir-fried greens, shitake and enoki mushrooms. I am always a bit scared whenever I order fish... I hate it when they overcook it. Luckily, Shores did there's just right! Not too raw, not too overcooked and chewy. The skin was super super crispy as well! The asian flavour bought out by the greens was nice... but I think other accompaniments may have suited it even more (not that I know what it should be).

grilled harimasa king fish - $35.00

Last but not least, our side order of "home-made thickcut chips" ($8.00) which looked more like wedges. Funnily enough, I'm sure they could have passed as wedges... super crisp potato skins and soft fluffy potatoey insides. Mmm... very very filling though. So filling that my partner and I had no room left for dessert.
homemade thick-cut chips - $8.00

It's a shame this place has to close. The view is awesomeness... seeing yatchs float by... small patches of sand, water... romantic-ness... ish. Maybe it could all be topped off with a violin playing softly in the background. The flavours were also fresh and and the food delicious. You can tell they put effot into making the food.

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 9/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 31/40

lower Parriwi Rd
The Spit
NSW, 2088
tel: (02) 9960 3391

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