Saturday, September 26, 2009

Digi.Kaf - Glebe


A yummy brunch at Digi.Kaf at Glebe was on the agenda for today. This place is an internet cafe - with a warm sofa-cozy area containing a good range of magazines and newspapers, as well as free internet usage. Greeted by friendly waitstaff and a variety-ful menu, my partner and I had quite some difficulty deciding what we wanted to order.

Coffee-wise, my partner had his usual Capp in a mug, and I, my usual skim mocha. The coffee here was good, but for some reason, Sydney coffee just isn't quite as smooth as Melbourne coffee. Melbournians just seem to have a better coffee culture ish. Nonetheless, the coffee here is better than most other Sydney cafes - it's strong and tasty... yet slightly watery tasting (hence not as smooth as Melb coffees).

Cappaccino - $4.50

mocha - $3.50

Food-wise, my partner's quesadillas ($17.50) with added grilled chorizo ($4) did not disappoint. He happily gobbled the tortillas, which were stuffed with re-fried beans, roasted capsicum and yummy tasty cheese, topped with a spicy tomato jam and sour cream. Under the tortillas sat a little pile of rocket. The eggs also looked light and fluffy... yet my partner was too full by and hence, was unable to polish them off.

quesadillas with chorizo - $17.50 + $4

I got an ($17.50). This was a three-egg HUGE omelette with a choice of three fillings. In mine was smoked salmon, mushrooms and shallots (a good pick, thought I) with tasty cheese. I think I would have preferred my omelette a little slightly less cooked - yet, it was very tasty and yummy and delicious anyway. The huge size of this meant that my toast went virtually untouched. - $17.50

Overall, this cafe had friendly attentive service. The atmosphere was chillaxy and laid back. And, because this cafe is in the Entertainment book (which has buy one main get one free), we left this cafe $30 out of pocket... yet with two free coffees for our next visit (much thanks to the friendly waiter dude).

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 32.5/40

174 St Johns Rd
NSW 2037
tel: (02) 9660 3509

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