Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Private dining in the Hills

Private dining is popular in Hong Kong but in Sydney - I'm not even sure it exists.
However, if it were to exist, I think that my friends would be close to the top of the list of contendents who ought to give it a go.

My partner and I were privileged enough to be invited over for a dinner by our friends. They had organised an elaborate dinner for us.

For starters, we had prosciutto-wrapped rockmelon, accompanied by several blue berries. There was quite a lot of this. Delicately balanced - the saltiness of the prosciutto and the subtle sweetness of the melon was quite YUMness.

prosciutto-wrapped rockmelon

Next up, we were dished us some awesome seafood bouillabaisse. This sweet seafood aroma was present from the moment we entered the home. Our chef for the night explained that he used 1kg of prawn heads and shell cooked with fish stock until all the prawn flavour was infused into the stock.This added an extra layer of flavour into the bouillabaisse which was piled heaps with fennel, tomato, fish, prawns and muscles with a touch of tabasco and safron. It was sooooo rich and deliciousness.

seafood bouillabaisse

Next up was the prawn risotto. Slow cooked with the prawn shell infused fish stock, the risotto was just the right texture - creamy (with no cheese involved), aldente and stupidly flavoursome. All individual risotto rice bits were inoculated with the broth. There was also a mix of mushy peas and whole (unbuttered unmushed) peas and prawns a-plentiful. Quite yum.

prawn risotto

For dessert, we had tiramisu and a white chocolate cheese cake. Both were deliciousness. The tiramisu was coffee-ful and the cheesecake was rich and creamy and obviously philadelphia cheesed. But what I appreciated more was the coffee. Vietnamese drip filtered coffee with condensed milk. It was rich, sweet, and tastiness. Definately need to purchase some viet coffee of my own :)

viet coffee

So all up, the food that our friends dished up was more than good enough to be restaurant quality. Pretty awesome. Unfortunately for you all, not sure if you'll have the chance to sample it :P

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