Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cafe Bello - Burwood

Cafe Bello

I had extreme cravings for pasta. Super creamy cheese unhealthy pasta. Having some business to take care of in Burwood, we settled for Cafe Bello, an Italian cafe inside Westfield.

It was pretty busy for 2pm - and being relatively hungry, we ordered pretty much straight away. My partner opted for a chocolate thickshake ($5.90) and a cheeseburger ($15.90). His chocolate thickshake was thick and sweet and chocolatey. Nicely ice-creamily thick and rather delish. AND it came is a frosty milk-shake cup which was super super huge. I think my partner felt sick after downing this whole Litre of milk/icecream/chocolate mixture :)

Chocolate thickshake - $5.90

I tossed between a mocha frappe ($5.90) or a mocha thickshake ($5.90). At the end, I decided on the frappe. My partner debated for ages what the difference between the two drinks would be. I guess a mocha thickshake would have more milk + icecream, whereas a frappe would have more ice + icrecream? No matter what the answer is, my drink was awesome! Thick enough. Cold enough. Coffee-flavoured enough. And sweet enough.

Mocha frappe - $5.90

My partner's cheeseburger ($15.90) comprised of a thick beef patty topped with melted cheese and beetroot, lettuce, caramelised onion, and tomato heaped with bbq sauce and with chips on the side. I also eyed the works burger (which had also egg, bacon and pineapple on top of everything else) which was like simply towering! I think the burger was averagely good :)

Cheese burger - $15.90

To satisfy my pasta craving, I chose the penne boscaiola ($17.90). Creamy, loads of bacon strips, small bits of mushrooms, shallots and shaved parmesan all creamed up by a white wine cream sauce. Mmm.... YUM. Very satisfying for my craving. Very very filling.

Penne boscaiola - $17.90

Given that we had a voucher for this place (thanks to the Entertainment book), our lunch came to less than $30. Not bad at all. They also had a huge range of cakes in their display cabinets which, if my stomach had allowed, I would definately have tried.

Food - 8/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29/40

Cafe Bello
Westfield Burwood
100 Burwood Road,
Burwood NSW 2134
Tel: (02) 9745 1545


chocolatesuze said...

mmm its only 10am and i feel like reaching through the screen and grabbing the burger

bbsnoopy said...

Haha - burger seems like a good 'pick-me-up' :)

missklicious said...

Mmmm burger!! Love it when the Ent book comes in handy :)

sandhiya said...

This looks great I have never seen anything like it before thanks for sharing.

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