Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snacks in Cabramatta

By now you might be wondering - geez, how many trips did she make to Cabra recently?
Answer... one.
We just ate heaps and heaps within the period of 3 hours LOL.

Now my friend told me that Red Lea at Cabra serves notably one of the best chips in Sydney. What? It's just a Red Lea. Are you serious?

We snuck a peak at it... pretty average looking.... but as we stood outside scouting the area for a while we realised... OMGOSH sooooo many people came here to buy chips - mainly of the large size. It was pretty amazing! And the longer we stood, the more we smelt it. I think it's the chicken salt.

Red Lea Chicken

We were tempted. Hence, I just HAD to try.
"medium or large?" the guy asked. Erm... small ($3)? I did just have lunch afterall. And wow! The chicken salt is soooo orange! haha. It tasted like pretty average chips. Good crunchiness. Good potato fluffiness. And the chicken salt reminded us of the "shake shake fries" you used to be able to get from Maccas. Good times.

Small Chips - $3

A & A Cakes

My friend was also telling us about mouthwatering sweet donuts you could buy from this Asian bakery. And so, full stomachs or not, we went hunting.

Sweet donuts are best eaten fresh. And I mean... FRESH. If you let it stay in it's paper bag, you will realise that soon, your whole paperbag is oiled up. So take my word for it - eat it straight away! It's kind of crunchy yet soft and chewy on the inside. The middle bits are like sweet crumbly bits ... kinda like ovened condensed milk bits (? Not sure here... I'm only guessing). This is something I usually only eat in HK.

sweet donuts

We also had to get the egg tarts. Puffy and light pastry with smooth egg. Not the smoothest egg bit we've eaten, but it was decent.

Egg Tarts

I have to tell you. My friends are pretty awesome. On top of eating everything we did, they also ate a bowl of pho each :)

So that concludes our Cabra food tour :P

Red Lea Chicken
57 John Street
NSW 2166
Tel: (02) 9726 3017

A&A Cakes
101 John St

tel: (02) 9726 5632

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