Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fung Shing Restaurant - Hong Kong

As a make-up wedding banquet for some of my relos on HK who could not make it to our wedding, we ended up eating at Fung Shing Restaurant at Whampoa Gargen.

Our banquet started with a whole roasted suckling pig. The skin was super crispy and crunchy yet not burnt. A ratio of meat, fat and skin. Quite yum :)

Crispy suckling pig

Then there was the prawn toast with salad dressing. It looked simple but tasted alright.

prawn toast

Huge scallops sauteed with broccoli, capsicum and some sort of shell-fish came next. The scallops were most awesome - not overcooked and extremely tasty when swimming in the sauce.

sauteed scallop

There was also dried scallops cooked inside hairy melon and surrounded by "fat choi" (a black stringy vege which tastes super awesome). The 'fat choi' was the best bit of the dish - something you can rarely find in Australia.

dried scallop in hairy melon

In this bowl was crazy amounts of sharks fin. And no - it wasn't just my bowl - it was EVERYONE's bowl. And everyone got TWO bowls. Sharks fin overload no?

sharks fin soup

Abalone was next on the agenda. This was cooked with goose feet and veges. I'm not a fan of abalone... but I do like goose feet. Tasty and saucy... kinda like the same sauce as the dried scallop with winter melon.

abalone and goose feet

The steamed grouper fish came next - seemingly overcooked... but actually cooked pretty well. The meat was tasty and smooth and freshness.

Steamed Grouper fish

Crispy skinned chicken is seemingly a must in all Honky chinese dinners. Every restaurant seems to claim that their crispy skinned chicken is the best... this one... is not. The skin is uncrispified. But I guess that the meat is quite tender.

crispy skinned chicken

To round up the night, there was fried rice and these deep-fried dumplings. The dumplings are meant to be dumped in this soup/stock thing to soggify it a bit. But it's really your choice - whether you want it super crunchy or somewhat soggy.

fried rice
deep fried dumpling

The restaurants famous dessert is this sago pudding creme brulee. Some of my relatives loved it... I found it to be a splatter of sweet goo. No - it was not my type of dessert. The "burnt sugar" bit was not the crunchiness that you normally find in creme brulees which was somewhat disappointing.

sago pudding creme brulee

There was also fruit... but yeh - nothing spectacular.

I guess that all up - the food was good. Heaps of seafood (particularly sharks fin). Funnily enough, banquets tend not include crab or lobster (much to my hubby's disappointment).

Food - 8/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29/40

Fung Shing Restaurant
2/F Whampoa Gourmet Place
Site 8, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom
Tel: (852) 2362 0848

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