Saturday, December 17, 2011

Awafi - Granville

What do you do when your in Granville and in want of charcoal chicken and the El Jannah line is too long? You walk a little up the road until you hit another charcoal chicken shop. It always puzzled me how two shops, serving pretty much exactly the same thing, can have such differing numbers in clientele. Was one shop actually better than the other?


Because we were too lazy to wait for El Jannah, my hubby and I decided to eat charcoal chicken at Awafi instead. We ordered the same thing we normally do - chicken and chips. The prices here are pretty similar to El Jannah (maybe like 50c cheaper) and you get all your usual stuff - bread, pickles, garlic sauce and chicken.

The garlic sauce here tasted pretty much just as good as El Jannah and the pickles were longer but again, similar taste-wise. The chicken itself was also very very similar such that based on these three things alone - I would not be able to know the difference in a blind taste-test (or an opened-eye one for that matter). The only difference seems to lie in the bread. The bread here was relatively dry... a lot drier than the yummy moist bread from El Jannah. Is it the bread that makes all the difference between the two competing chicken shops? Maybe...

charcoal chicken, garlic sauce, pickles and bread

There's also an extra size of chips here at Awafi - small, medium and large. The small chips here are relatively smaller in portion compared to the small chips at El Jannah - but it's tasty all the same.


So if I were in Granville and wanting Charcoal chicken, which shop would I go to? We are creatures of habit so I think my first choice would still be El Jannah.

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 28/40

Awafi Charcoal Chicken
1/43 South Street
NSW 2142
Tel: (02) 9637 3111


Anonymous said...

the main difference is the chicken is too dry at el jannahs awafis has more flavour iv been eating at ejs for years oh well il stick with awafis

Anonymous said...

they're essentially both the same shops because EJ and awafi are both relatives that are in competition

Anonymous said...

funny thing, the old owners of awafi left the shop thats why its gone down, i think the new owners should stick to their original day job because the taste has definitely gone down. and no fair to the past owners coz it brings their reputation to ruins. oh well

Anonymous said...

I just ate there tonight and it was amazing. Awafi has much more selection than eljanna... They have cauliflower eggplant, rice and all the usuals. I think the service is much better at Awafi, they are very friendly and the food comes out very quick.. I used to go to the other one as the chicken used to taste a little better but now if I had to choose between the two it's AWafi all the way. Love the price, food and service.