Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WA Japanese Restaurant - Bondi Junction

A couple of our friends had been saying that they had found an excellent authentic Jap restaurant at Bondi Junction and seizing the right moment, they had managed to book dinner for the six of us after a lazy public holiday spent chilling at Botanical Gardens.

Stepping into the restaurant at around 8.30pm, there were still a few tables of people casually enjoying their food out front and quite a lot of patrons having a good time out back. We ordered and were quickly greeted by an interesting appetizer - tempura tofu sushi. The sushi was cold but the texture was still interesting. It had probably lost it's crunch but the firm tofu provided a sort of substance that other sushi varieties may not offer. Then rice also seemed sticker than usual - not sure why that is. There was also a sweet sauce which complemented the otherwise possibly bland ish combination.

tempura tofu sushi

We ordered two salads - the seaweed salad and the salmon aburi salad. The seaweed salad came with a generous portion of seaweed and kelp as well as an abundance of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and I think, beetroot strips. It was sauced well, with a good amount of vinegary taste. The salmon aburi salad was also not bad. The salmon was lightly torched and topped with salmon roe. The chunks of avocado went well with the dish.

seaweed salad

salmon aburi salad

Sushi and Sashimi-wise, we were informed that apart from salmon, everything was sold out - no tuna, no king fish, no prawns, no nothing. Lucky that my favourite sashimied fish is salmon :P The salmon sushi was smaller than usual. Funny thing is, it doesn't look it (esp from the photo) - the salmon still covers the rice really well... but - that may be because the rice lump was likewise tiny, so in comparison, the sushi looked almost normal sized :) The salmon was quite fresh and the sushi tasted quite alright. The soft shell crab sushi was also ok. The crab wasn't quite the fresh crispy type, and the ricce was cold in the sushi... but meh - we were probably the last customers of the night.

salmon sushi platter

soft shell crab sushi

This hunch was confirmed when the waitress came out and apologised that they had run out of white rice. Hence, our following dishes came with brown rice instead. We ordered three mains. A yakiniku beef, a teriyaki chicken and a ginger pork. All the meats were presented in a similar fashion. The yakiniku beef is meant to be wagyu - it was tender and marinated in some sweet soy substance. It kind of tasted like Korean bulgogi which wasn't bad. The teriyaki chicken was very yum. The teriyaki sauce was light yet penetrated the meat well. And lastly, the ginger pork was encased in this sweet gingery sauce - so gingery that each piece probably had it's own little mound of grated ginger :)

yakiniku beef
Teriyaki chicken
ginger pork

Overall - Wa is not a bad Jap restaurant. It seems to be run by Jap people and the foods are tasty enough. It's just your average cozy Jap place - much like Sushi-Ya in Artarmon but possibly in a more convenient location :)


Food - 7/10

Service - 7/10

Ambiance- 7/10

Value for money - 7/10

Overall - 28/40

WA Japanese Restaurant
63 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction

NSW 2022

(02) 9388 0404

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