Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ryo's Noodles - Crows Nest

Mmm ... what better on a cold Winter's day than a hot bowl of noodles in a warm cozy environment. Atleast that's what I was thinking as we trekked to Crows Nest. My dream, however, stopped short when we suspiciously eyed the crowd of people waiting outside the little orange-walled shop. That surely can't be a cue at around 1.45pm, just for noodles... right?

Outside Ryo's Noodle shop

As we waited and waited and waited for what seemed like forever, more and more people came and lined up - but the apologetic staff of the noodle shop came out and said that my partner and I would be the last customers served for today's lunch (Yess!!! JUST made it).

Anticipating the best bowl of ramen I can ever eat, I was rejoicing when we finally stepped into the shop. And I wasn't disappointed.

The decor reminded me of a nice little cozy jap noodle place - and that's exactly what it is. When we sat down, my partner (who by now, was cold and super hungry) wanted to order almost everything on the menu - but this is what we finally decided on.

My partner, being a chilli lover, ordered the "spicy hot flavour, with roast pork, egg, shallot" ($10.50).

Me, someone who can't take chilli at all, was very satisfied with the thick-style pork-based "tonkotsu" soup with roast pork, egg, nori, and shallots ($10.50). mmm ... It was very filling and the soup was so very thick. Conversing with my partner afterwards, I came to the conclusion that, some people might like this 'thick' type of soup (e.g., me) and some people might prefer the normal, more liquidy stock-type of soup (e.g., my partner). But, nonetheless, this style of soup-base must be tried, at least once, in your life.

We also ordered some side dishes to share.

Gyoza - the ramen was so good, I expected something extraordinary with the gyoza. Unfortunately, this was not so. Just normal gyoza's here.

Rice balls with roast pork - apparently they only sell 10 a day (and for $3.50, they're kind of bargain). But since we were the last customers for lunch that day, and we could still order this... well...

Inside the nori-wrapped rice ball.

Wasn't bad, simply bought back memories of the 'triangle rice' we used to get from the convenient stores in Japan.

Karaage chicken - a must order for my partner at any Jap store we entered. And yes, a piece was eaten before I could snatch the plate back for the photo!

In all, Ryo's Noodle shop is a 'must-go', and probably a 'must come back' type shop. But of course, don't go if it's TOO out of the way for you (after all, I don't want to need to line up longer than I did next time I visit!)

Food - 10/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 35/40

Ryo's Noodles:
125 Falcon St
Crows Nest
Tel: (02) 9955 0225


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would giv this a go some day! heeheh..

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Ryo still noodling along!