Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eastwood Chinese Restaurant - Eastwood

Mmm... what's better for lunch than Yum Cha?

Okok... maybe there are lots of nice things I can think of eating for lunch... but dumplings aren't a bad option!

My family decided on yum cha in Eastwood. It was a Saturday - and there were lots of people. Thankfully, my lovely daddy got us a table :)

First to be ordered was an array of dumplings.
Mmm... I love dumplings and could eat this everyday!

There was the "gaw choy gau" (aka steamed chinese chive dumplings), "siu mai"(steamed dim sims), "har gau" (steamed prawn dumplings), "dou miu gau" (baby snow pea leaf dumpling), and beef dimsims. The dumplings were all very plump and tasty.

steamed chinese chive dumplings

siu mai - steamed dim sims

baby snow pea leaf dumpling

har gau - steamed prawn dumplings

beef dim sims

Now for the other dishes we had at yum-cha. There was the chicken feet in black bean sauce, the combination of tofu and eggplant with imbedded fish meat - drenched in oyster sauce (and a bit of chilli sauce), pan-fried taro, radish, and water-chestnut cakes, barbecue pork pastry(it was a plate of four - but two were eagerly eaten before I managed to kidnap the dish), egg tarts, and deep-fried sesame balls.

chicken feet in black bean sauce

combination of tofu and eggplant

Trio of cakes - taro cake, turnip cake and water-chestnut cake

Barbeque Pork pastry

Egg tarts

Deep fried sesame balls

Overall, I thought that the food was decent - some dishes (eg. the deep fried sesame balls) came out at a less than optimal temperature, but other dishes (eg. my beloved siu mai and other fellow dumplings) were delicious. Maybe it all depends on your luck! :)
The service wasn't ever present, but they did refill out teapots once in a while.
The ambiance... well, typical noisy crowded yum-cha place - but then again, I guess that's what gives it the "yum-cha" feel!
And price? Well, the total bill for the five of us ended up to be less than $67 - so not bad!

Food - 8/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 28/40

Eastwood Chinese Restaurant
2/25 Railway Parade
NSW 2122
Tel: (02) 9874 8732

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