Monday, October 5, 2009

Hog's Breath Cafe (2) - Blacktown

Hog's Breath Blacktown

One of my friends was nice enough to read over my thesis draft (yes it is thesis month >.<). We met up for lunch so that I could get my draft back. We met in Blacktown Westpoint and he took us up to "on four" for Hogs Breath. Interestingly, a comment my friend made was that this place scored a dismal 4.1 on Eatability to which my partner and I instinctively said "err...soo... why are we here?!?!?!?". His reaction was that he absolutely loved this place and comes here again and again and again with his lovely partner. What he left out initially was that he and his partner also orders the same thing again and again and again...

So, first impressions are important. The ambiance is cool - like any other hogs breath - and filled with awesome posters and wierd and wacky hogs breathy stuff. The waiters and waitresses on the other hand.... errm.... we were first served by "Ketchup", then served by "Spunk". Umm... cool? ish? unsure.

I ordered a crispy chicken burger ($12.75). I don't eat beetroot. So I asked "Spunk" if I could substitute beetroot for something else. The answer was a dissappointing NO. I could, if I choose, just eliminate it. And that was exactly what I did.

The bun was... erm... atleast a few days old (very bordering on the stale side)? The chicken coated in seasoned crumbs was not bad. Lettuce, tomato and onions also featured in this burger. The cheese was dissappointingly un-melted... >.<
crispy chicken burger - $12.75

My partner ordered a new york grill ($26.95) and asked for it "medium rare". This came out medium-well on most bits, and well done on the outskirts. soo.... ummm.... yeah.

new york grill - $26.95

Now onto what my friends order time and time again. There was the chicken caesar wrap ($12.95) which was "char-grilled" chicken breast with chopped up cos lettuce, bacon, and croutons wrapped in a "grilled" tortilla (which is WAAAY too pale to even be considered "grilled) and seasoned with parmesan cheese and caesar dressing. Nonetheless, my happy friend chomped this down very happily. No complaints whatsoever.

chicken caesar wrap - $12.95

The other usual was the chicken dijonnaise ($22.95). This was meant to be "marinated" (yet again, very very pale and non-marinated looking) chicken breast char-grilled to "perfection" (only if you like your chicken dry or very dry). I asked my friend how his meal was. He LOVED it. But... he did concede that the chicken would be quite dry if the sauce was not present. I definately have my doubts about the chicken - but he comes to this hogs breath very often and orders this dish very often.

Chicken Dijonnaise - $22.95

So, by and large, my two friends were quite pleased with their meals and enjoyed it thoroughly. My partner and I had our reservations about it. I would have given a bit more than the eatability 4.1... maybe about a 5? But then that score does not explain why keeps my friends coming back time and time again *confuzzled*... The service was pretty good. The "Spunk" was quite friendly and attentive throughout our meal. Don't really know where "Ketchup" went - but I think I prefer "BBQ sauce" more anyway :)

Food - 5.5/10 (factoring my friend's liking for this place)

Service - 7/10

Ambiance - 7/10

Value for money - 7/10

Overall - 26.5/40

Hog's Breath
Shop 4005, Level 4
Westpoint Shopping Centre

17 Patrick St
NSW 2148
(02) 9621 1900

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Jasmin Samuel said...

Well, it is a good idea to have a break every once in a while when writing thesis paper. But, I think the place isn’t that what I expected for a great thesis break. Anyway, what were your thesis ideas for your paper? What happened to it, by the way?