Monday, January 25, 2010

Flying Fajita Sistas - Glebe

Dinner meetup with a couple of close friends - just to catch up - took place at Flying Fajita Sistas in Glebe. We booked a balcony table for 3 at 7.30pm (which we later found out was a big NONO).

Fajita Sistas offered a decent variety of interesting beers (some unavailable when you try to order them), cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. My friend decided on the Bohemia, a light rich lager which my she said was pretty good.

Bohemia - $7.00

We ordered a mixed platter entree to share ($23.90). It came on two plates, three dips with chips on each. There was guacamole, sour cream, pepian, salsa, queso fundido (ie. the one with melted cheese) and frijoles (ie. beans). It was an interesting mix of dips - some I favoured over others (eg. the green pistacio looking one was warm and no where near as appetising as the cold green guacamole one). What we learnt, however, was that we had to sit here and gobble up all the chips before the waiter comes to clean it up and give us our main. So yes - we were there chatting and chatting and chatting until the sun came down and we were sick of eating corn chips with dip.

Mixed Platter of guacamole, salsa, cream, pepian, queso fundido and frijoles - $23.90

For the main, we ordered the Sistas Double Fajitas ($45.90) to share between the three of us. We chose the chicken and chorizo for our fillings. The chicken was marinated well with herbs and lime which was then chargrilled till tender (and it was quite charred - you could taste the chargrill even though you can't really see it that well in the dark). The Chorizo was a little bit too spicy for my liking but had lots of lots of flavour (and again, chargrilled quite some). They were a bit stingy on the fajita wraps, however, giving us only 6 slices for a huge hotplate of meat. The fajitas also came with guacamole, sour cream and salsa, pineapple, jalapenos and very very little cheese, salad, black bean and rice. The very very little cheese made me a little sad (since I'm a cheese lover and would have loved to cover my whole fajita in cheese).

The Sistas Double Fajitas (chicken and chorizo) - $45.90

Other than the fact that they were stingy on the fajita wraps and the cheese, the fajita's actualy tasted pretty good. However, no matter how good the food tasted, my appetited was instantly stifled by the sighting of a HUGE HUGE COCKCROACH. Yes - I HATE insects, cockroaches especially. The fact that there seemed to be more than one crawling near our table and on the wall behind us really freaked me out to the point where I was sooooo relieved about leaving. Upon leaving, I had multiple intrusive thoughts about cockroaches - how I swear I heard one walking around in my bag, and how my leg seemed a bit itchy and I swear it was a cockroach crawling up. Luckily for me - cockroach did not follow me home.

Nonetheless, foodwise - it was okay, a bit pricey though. Service wasn't great. And I dislike eating next to cockroaches. Hence, probably won't be back - or if I have to be, I will like a table inside thankyou.

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 1/10
Value for money - 5.5/10
Overall - 20/40

Flying Fajita Sistas
65 Glebe Point Road
NSW 2037
tel: (02) 9552 6522

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SoRMuiJAi said...

Ewwwwwwwww I hate roaches!!! >_< One time we had one crawl under our table. The girls screamed out loud and the waiter comes over telling us that we're making a big deal and calm down! GRRR Some of the girls sat with both feet on the chair until we quickly finished eating and left.

That said, they do do pretty good food at the FFS! Shame about the roach...not sure I want to go back now that I know about them. I was so looking forward to trying the fajitas as well!