Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ben & Jerry's - Manly

I LOVE icecream!!!
We drove all the way to Manly (actually - way way way past manly and then drove back down) for Ben & Jerry's! :)

Ben & Jerry's

Met with so many different flavours and temptations - I decided on peanut butter cookie dough, coffee buzz buzz buzz, and chocolate brownie fudge. Anddddd- didn't regret it.

My three-scoop icecream

The icecream was AWESOME. The peanut butter one was extremely peanutty. The coffee one was super espresso tasting and the chocolate brownie fudge had HUGE chunks of chocolate brownies which were soooooo rich and chocolately. OMG - it was like, AWESOME icecream. A tad expensive though - paying over 7 bucks for 3 scoops... it's likely to be something I'll indulge in just once in a while :P

Food - 9/10
Service - 7/10

Ambiance - ?

Value for money - 6.5/10

Overall - 22.5 + ?/40

Ben & Jerry's
Shops 5 & 6
25-27 South Steyne
NSW 2100

(02) 8966 9219


Simon Food Favourites said...

Ambiance a question mark? that's a bit strange. can you eat there? i guess you could rate the seating/store and general signage and upkeep of the shop as ambience? hope to try one day :-)

bbsnoopy said...

it's a question-mark coz there's not really many tables to eat there, the place was pretty packed and my icecream was dripping (due to the heat) so we were running off to find someplace to eat it and it wouldn't be fair to rate the ambiance of the shop with the ambiance we felt at the beach :P

Pretty yummy icecream though :)