Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Patagonia Chocolates - New Zealand

My partner went to NZ to go snowboarding recently (without me) and left me in Sydney (working for three of the four days that he was gone). As such, I made him buy me chocolate - and due to our current need to save, I requested ONE chocolate. BUT I ended up with... "omg this feels like 2 kgs of chocolate". OK - so my lovely awesome husband-to-be does spoil me a little...some of the time... hehehehe :)

Unfortunately, my partner's snowboarding trip was met with horrible, un-snowboardable weather and it seems like all he did in NZ was drive around and eat the best pies on earth in Arrowtown. Also in Arrowtown is Patagonia chocolates, where he purchased my super heavy box of chocolates. Before opening my box of delectables, I questioned him as to whether or not he just stepped into the store and asked the store attendent to pack one of every chocolate (which would have been unsincere) and he denied it, he pointed me towards their website and quite clearly stated that I wouldn't eat half the stuff (which is true). What he did do, was pack me everything he thought I would eat (which was a big enough selection in itself).

my box of patagonian goodies

So I found chunks and chunks of chocolate. Yes - they are not lovely to look at. Just rectangles and block-like. It was also quite hard to tell what chocolates he had actually pack. I actually have to eat them to distinguish the almond from the macadamia from the hazelnut etc etc etc. What they do have in common, however, is the really strong chocolate hit. As the name suggests, they make chocolate the Patagonian (in Sth America) way and this way is really really smooth and really really rich and really kind of dense. So dense that I, a lover of dark chocolate (and one that can eat much much chocolate) gets knocked out by just one of these slabs. Not sure if it's a super good chocolate hit - but it definately is a wake-me-up hit (for atleast a few minutes).

my selection
mentitas - creme mint disk
sesame (and sesame with a hint of chilli/ginger?)

more slabs
assorted truffles
A dark chocolate flake? :)

So I guess if you're headed NZ way (or you can just order online), maybe just pop by for some intense chocolate hit. Oh - btw, I only have a sample of the dark chocolate line. Maybe the milk/white chocolate lines are not as strong?

Patagonia Chocolates
40 Buckingham street,
New Zealand
Tel: (03) 4098584


Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Looks interesting. I might have to add it to my company's portfolio of chocolate products.

bbsnoopy said...

I have to say that the chocolate is a lot denser than most. As such, the yummiest of the lot that I'm finding so far is the flake looking ones. It's more delicate (but still super rich)and less intense compared to the blocks.