Monday, September 6, 2010

Shanghai Chef Kitchen - Parramatta

Shanghai Chef Kitchen

Looking for a quick bite after church. Looking at the clock ... yes - it is 2pm. Deciding to go cheap, we decided to dine at Shanghai Chef Kitchen in Parramatta.

All the normal stuff is here. Decor and ambiance is pretty plain. There are lots of people coming in and out to buy takeaway Shanghainese small eats and buns. To join the fun, I decided I wanted some small eats too! There's stuff like pig ears and tea eggs and marinated fish and braised duck in sweet sauce and lots lots more! Being half Shang, small eats are right up my alley and I decided to get half a plate of sweetened braised wheat gluten (tofu ish bits) with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, and half a plate of seaweed ($5.80). Mmm... yum!

Shanghainese small eats - $5.80 / plate

My partner picked to have the usual steamed pork buns ($4.80) and the pan fried pork buns ($4.80). Both dishes had 6 to them - and for $4.80, it was slightly bargain. However, the quality is far from top notch. The bun layer is thick and doughy - both on the steamed and the pan fried buns. The steamed buns are still juicy inside, but the meat is different from normal - a bit more fatty than usual I think. Likewise, the meat to bun ratio on the pan fried ones are also not quite right.

Shanghai steamed pork dumplings - $4.80

Pan-fried pork bun - $4.80

So, whilst this place is really quite bargain, the food itself isn't the greatest. Good for the snacks though - so just come and get stuff from the bar :P

Food - 5/10

Service - 6/10

Ambiance - 6/10

Value for money - 8/10

Overall - 25/40

Shanghai Chef Kitchen
131 Church Street

NSW 2150
Tel: (02)
9687 4332

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