Sunday, December 7, 2014

Good Luck Chinese Restaurant - Enfield

After a super difficult and long long week at work, all hubby wanted was duck and so duck we ate. We'd talked about going to this Chinese restaurant in Enfield for years so I was pretty pumped that we finally could visit 'Good Luck Chinese Restaurant' for their popular Peking Duck.

Between the two of us, we couldn't really eat much more than the duck. (and remember to pre-order the duck at least 1 hr before you visit the restaurant). The duck comes in 2 courses - the pancakes and either the soup or deep fried duck. I don't know if we were tucked in a corner of the restaurant or if we looked young, but we were ignored for quite some time. When the duck finally came, it was gloriously crispy and good looking :)It was tasty and succulent and a little bit oily, but really deliciousness! The pancakes were definitely homemade cos it was a bit thick... and very often stuck together. But the yumminess of the duck makes up for the shortfall.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much the extent to which the yumminess ends. Our second course was the soup. It was a bit dismal. Lacked taste. A bit of duck bone, some shallots and a few bits of chinese cabbage... It was slightly not tasty and non-delicious.
We also ordered a small side dish of cold noodles. This was likewise a bit dismal and non-delicious and I would recommend against ordering it.
So I guess that this is a small Chinese restaurant that is really good for Peking Duck (but maybe order the fried version for the second course) and ask others for recommendations for what else to order here (definitely not the cold noodles).

Good Luck Chinese Restaurant
182 Liverpool Road
Enfield NSW 2136
Tel: (02) 9747 4625

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Have heard so many good things about the Peking duck. A shame your other dishes were disappointing.