Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eats on the plane - Qantas food

I guess my trip wouldn't be complete without a blog on my plane food. My partner and I managed to score seats on Qantas where we were fed quite well (and often).

For lunch, our meal comprised of either Moroccan chicken with cous cous or sweet and sour pork with noodles. My partner downed the chicken but the cous cous was left untouched. My sweet and sour pork was...ermm.... tasted better than the noodles I guess (and being a big fan of noodles, for me to not like these noodles is a BIG call). Well, what did I expect from plane food?

We also got a nice salad with vinegarette, bread and butter, cheese and crackers, and a boost chocolate bar!

In between my two plane meals, the air-hostess very kindly served us with cup noodles, which was very fortunate given my next meal... not that it was bad - just that it was completely what I DON'T eat. It was pumpkin and feta ravioli >.< My partner ate his share (and bit of mine).
.But I guess I was too preoccupied thinking about what I wanted to eat in HK that I didn't really care about what the plane food tasted like.

On the way back from Hong Kong, the plane food was much much more appetising.
The dinner was either roast beef with mash, or fish with noodles. What I wanted was fish with mash and so, my very nice and sweet partner ordered the beef and gave me his mash :)
kekekeke... the mash and the fish were both super super yummy!

The meal also came with a salad, bread rolls with butter, and a coconut red-bean pudding, completed by a Tim Tam. Mmm... I was happy with this meal :)

Much to the dissappointment of my partner, cup noodles were not stocked on this flight.
Nonetheless, the breakfast made up for it (atleast that's what I thought).

My partner got the Chinese breakfast (Noodles, steamed bun, and dumpling type thing) whilst I got a potato and spinach fritata with mushrooms and tomato (which I neglected). The fritata was a good finish to my plane meals. :)

In all, the service on Qantas flights weren't excellent - yet, they did meet any demands we had (apart from the cup noodle incident). The ambiance - well, it's just a plane. On the way there, we got the first seats in economy (ie. lots of leg room), and on the way back, we were just thankful for a seat (as they were overbooked). I have to admit, however, that given the recent Qantas publicity, travelling Qantas does evoke anxiety.

Food - 5/10 (better on the way back than the way there)
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10 (better on the way there than the way back)
Value for money - 9/10 (my friends travelled food-less and entertainment-less for $1000 more)
Overall - 26/40