Friday, January 23, 2009

Grill'd Burgers (2) - Melbourne


You've seen my partner rave on and on and on about how great and awesome and fantastically delicious the burgers (and mayo) at Grill'd is. And now you're about to read me going on and on and on about how yummy these "healthy" burgers are!

Healthy is probably not the right word for it, after all, it is still just a burger (and burgers are rarely THAT healthy).
The Mighty Melbourne with Chips - $9.90 + $3.50

Firstly, you had to choose the type of bread - be it Panini, White or Wholemeal bun - all baked daily and "low in sugar". Then, the type of burger... my partner and I were just having this as a snack before dinner, and hence, chose to share the 'Mighty Melbourne' ($9.90). This burger comprised of grilled lean beef, yummy cheese, bacon, free range egg, salad, relish, herbed mayo, and... beetroot (ugh).

Before ordering this, my partner promised me that he'll ask for the beetroot on the side, and then conveniently FORGOT about that... hence, he paid the price by having to fish it out (super super quickly before it was able to stain and contaminate the rest of the burger).

My partner desperately picking out the beetroot

Ahh... the horrible culprits are finally out!

We also ordered regular chips ($3.50). Mmm... Sooooo super thick cut and yummy. Crunch on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and dusted with a herb mix. Easily the best chips I've had, especially when dipped in the herbed mayo!!! (mental note to self: must go back to Melbourne, just for Grill'd chips)

So just how awesome is Grill'd? Despite the beetroot glich, the burger was super huge and juicy and oh so tastily yummy. Mmmm... if only they had Grill'd in Sydney! Each bite was super yumminess, the salad crisp and fresh, the egg with melted cheese complementing each other perfectly, and the lean beef? Puts my mind at ease as my mouth hungrily gobbles it up.
Heavenly yumminess! Makes Maccas looks bad (not that I won't visit my favourite M joint).

Food - 9/10
Service - 6/10 (nowhere near as speedy as Maccas, but definately worth the wait)

Ambiance - 6/10

Value for money - 7/10

Overall - 28/40

Various locations in Melbourne.

(the one we went to...)

83 Acland Street,

St Kilda, VIC, 3144

Tel: (03) 9534 6900


missklicious said...

This post is making me crave burgers! Mmm.. and those chips look super yummy too!

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - should fly to Melbourne just for the chips (and mayo)!!! :P

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