Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miso - Sydney

To celebrate a couple of birthday, my friend and I were looking for a decent Japanese restaurant that could accommodate our company of 12 on a Friday night. Our shortlist was comprised of Musashi and Miso. As Musashi could only offer us a booking at 5.45pm (and out by 6.30pm), and Miso did not agree to our booking, we could nothing more than just rock up on the night.

We went and took a number from Miso then went to Musashi for a number. And by chance, both tables were available at the same time... mmm... tough choice (only for me, as I was the one stuck on the phone).

Miso was chosen.
At Miso, the norm was to order set dinners (or Teishoku) which is supposed to create a healthy "balance" of food. And so, we ordered one each.

Let's start with mine. I ordered Miso's Ikura Bento ($17.50), much to the surprise of my partner (when I told him on the phone), and to mine actually. I guess I was deceived by the colourfulness of it all! The thing is, I don't like rice. And as you see, on the bottom of this set is a HUGE glob of rice with Ikura and Sujiko (ie. salmon roe) scattered on top. Accompanying this huge rice portion was veges, salmon sashimi, and teriyaki mix (tofu, fish cake, salmon, fake meat stuff, and eggplant), pickles and miso soup. There were also cherries which were plump and round, and which I quickly palmed off to my friend (as I don't do cherries). I thought that it was quite a decent meal. The salmon roe was very tasty ontop of the plain rice, the salmon was cold and fresh, the pickles were a great accompaniment as were the greens, and the miso soup was delicious too. The only qualm I have about this set is the teriyaki mix. The tofu was nice... but the others was not that great (and eggplant was left untouched as I'm anti-eggplant :P).

Miso's Ikura Bento - $17.50

Now, for what my friends ordered. There was the Miso-yaki Chicken set ($15), comprised of Chicken (of course!), and cute little side dishes (potato starch cold noodles, pickles, etc), salad, miso soup, and rice.

Miso-yaki Chicken Set - $15

The Vegetable Lovers Set ($15) for my vegetarian friend. It was a mix of vegetables - tempura style, sauted, ovened... etc etc. The only wierd thing is that miso soup is not vegetarian ... (due to dashi - fish stock)... and so, my vegetarian friend could not consume.

Vegetable Lovers Set - $15

One of my friends ordered the Tempura King Prawn set ($16.50) whereas the another ordered a Tempura King Prawn Udon ($12.50). I think both friends enjoyed their choices, yet one lot of tempura is crunchy and the other soggy.

Tempura King Prawn Set - $16.50

Tempura King Prawn Udon - $12.50

When I was ordering, I was contemplating ordering the Tonkatsu Pork Loin Set ($15) for which Miso is supposed to be famous for. It claims to be super juicy and crunchy and deep fried in soybean oil. Mmm... sure smelt awesomeness!

Tonkatsu Pork Loin Set - $15

The other set I was tossing up between was the Sashimi Set ($16.50), which also looked awesome with four different types of sashimi (I think it was salmon, tuna, kingfish, and white fish...I think...) accompanied by many little side dishes, salad, miso soup and rice.

Sashimi Set - $16.50

Another of my friends was brave enough to not even look at a menu and just say a number (of a set). And so, when his Katsu Don (deepfried pork loin cooked with egg & onion sauce - $15) came, he didn't even know it was his! Yet, he did seem to enjoy his feed.

Katsu Don - $15

And now for something I don't eat - Unagi Bento ($17.50). Looks as awesome as my meal yet... with eel (another of my not-eats).

Unagi Bento - $17.50

Last but not least, there was another Udon ordered. This friend sat far far away from me, so I'm not 100% sure what udon this was... but I believe that it was the Hokkaido Seafood Udon in a miso and soy-milk soup base. Mmm... sounds delicious, looks cloudy.

Hokkaido Seafood Udon - $13.50

Now for drinks. These included the Strawberry and Banana smoothie ($5), Green Tea Smoothie ($5), and the Grape Calpis Frappe ($4.50). All looked and tasted great. :)

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie - $5

Grape Calpis Frappe - $4.50

Green Tea Smoothie - $5

Although the waitresses had problems fitting our crowd in the little restaurant, my friends and I all seemed to have a great time. And since there were no complaints from my friends, I can only assume that the food and drinks were all deliciousness (and reasonably priced)!

Food - 8/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 28/40

Miso Japanese Restaurant
World Square Level Piazza
Shop 20, Liverpool St
Sydney CBD, NSW
Tel: (02) 9283 9686


bebi.j said...

ooo~ U SHOULD DEFINITELY TRY HOKKAIDO SEAFOOD UDON!!! (on a slightly cooler day^^) IT IS YUMMMMY.. hehe the big fish roe are like semi-cooked~~ still burst-able.. hahaha.. its gd gd gd! try it try it try it~ hehe

bbsnoopy said...

i'll drag my friends back there and order that then! :P
(or mayb i'll just drag u bak there!!! kekeke)

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SK said...

Was there last weekend. Went the vegetarian $15 too. (Although there was a piece of tamago in the veg set). Food wasn't too bad with a large variety of taste and textures on each set. Didn't get the cherries though!