Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LeVendi - Wollongong


Treking down to Wollongong on Easter Sunday, my partner and I were cruising around looking for a nice cafe to lunch at. However, we didn't drive much further than LeVendi - we saw the crowds and decided that that was the place to be.

It was already around 1-2pm and it felt as if all of Wollongong was down at this small ish takeaway fish and chips joint.

A long look at the whiteboard menu and a long discussion after, my partner and I decided on the Habour Pack ($22.50). This pack had like... everything!!! 2 flathead portions (which ended up being 4), 2 prawn twisters, 4 squid tentacles, 2 salt & pepper squid, 2 crumbed scallops, 2 crab ragoons, all with large chips, lemon and tartare sauce. Seemed like a feast! (and it really was!)

The wait aside (around 20 mins), this feast was nicely tastey and super filling - and, as expected, we didn't finish it. But it sure did explain why this place was flocked with people - in fact, it seems that this place won the 2008 takeaway joint of the year (for Wollongong).

The Harbour Pack - $22.50

food - 8/10
service - 6/10 (a bit on the slow side... but they were super packed)

ambiance - 8/10 (ahh... beachside takeaway)

value for money - 7/10

overall - 29/40

Belmore Basin

Cliff Road


NSW 2500

(02) 4227 2989


missklicious said...

Now I'm craving fish and chips! yummm

Anonymous said...

best take away cafe in wollongong!

Nick V said...

Hamburgers were a meal within themselves, meat pattie with all its herbs and spices was cooked to perfection. For me personally a 10/10. Recommend to anyone who is looking for a great hamburger, and knows real taste!