Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ramen San - Blacktown

Ramen San

Lunch on this particular day took my friends and I to Ramen San - the "noodle specialists" of Blacktown.

Being a noodle place owned by my partner's family friends who just so happened to employ a lot of my friends, I have to admit, I didn't pay attention to the menu - or really, the food.

One of my friends ordered what looks (in retrospect) like chicken and vege ramen in a soy sauce soup base with added boiled egg.

Chicken and Vege Soy Sauce-based Ramen

Another ordered the negi-miso ramen (spicy). My partner ordered the same thing - except asked for it chilli x10 (and it still wasn't spicy enough for his liking!!!). I think this was close to $12.

Negi-miso ramen
Negi-miso ramen (extra chilli)

Any myself? I ordered the miso ramen - which had pork, veges, seaweed and egg ($9.80). Taste-wise, it was a little bland. The noodles were... umm... well - I eat any noodles. The egg is just a regular boiled egg (not the flavoursome oozey boild egg you get from Jap Ramen places). But I guess, it wasn't too bad... given that it is Chinese-owned and not Jap-owned, the noodles bring an orient feel to it. Also, there are Chinese noodle dishes on the menu that you can't get from traditional Japanese Ramen shops.

Miso Ramen - $9.80

Service-wise, with the waitresses being our friends, I guess they were extremely friendly? Yet made us get our own tea. LOL

Food - 6/10

Service - 8/10

Ambiance - 6/10

Value for money - 6/10

Overall - 26/40

Ramen San
Shop 1005
Westpoint Blacktown
NSW, 2148
Tel: (02) 8814 8686

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