Monday, April 20, 2009

Won Jo Korean Restaurant - Strathfield

Won Jo Korean Restaurant

An unexpected visit to a Korean restaurant in Strathfield means that my photos are going to be quite shoddy (as they are taken with my phone). That, however, does not mean that the food was shoddy.

Array of appetisers and sauces

To start off with, my friends and I were quite hesistent when entering a Korean restaurant as none of us were Korean (and Korean restaurants tend to rip off non-Koreans). Nonetheless, these owners were nice enough to provide us with the yummy appetisers despite us not being Korean. Particularly, I love the seaweed salad ... mmm... mildly chilli, seaweedy and delicious! The others are just kind of average ish.

kimchi fried rice - $12

Kind of ugly in appearance, the Kimchi fried rice ($12) was a scary-looking shade of redness. However, to my surprise, it wasn't too chilli and was mild enough for even me the tolerate~! I have to admit, however, that it wasn't the best tasting fried rice I've had. They put in all these little seafood prawns and oysters (which seemed to be of the tiny frozen variety and not seafood tasting at all) and the egg is all spoilt >.< As it was my first experience of Kimchi fried rice, I can only assume that the weird aftertaste in my mouth is only normal... ?

fried dumplings - $10

We ordered 2 platefuls of dumplings. The dumplings were crispy skinned and super super crunch. Each little crunchy crispy little pocket was filled with veges, vermecilli and tasted really quite deliciousness. The only downside to this tastey treat is the oily-ness factor of this dish.

fried chicken - $18

Another yummy yet unhealthy dish is the fried chicken ($18). Super crunchy and goldenly deep fried, the chicken inside was still tastey, tender and juicy. Mmm... adds to the fat around my stomach. hehehehe

beef rib soup - $14

We also ordered the beef rib soup ($14). The soup was very rich and flavoursome and slightly on the salty side. In it, there were beef ribs (which appeared super tender), and yummy potato noodles. Some of my friends put rice in the soup, which they claimed to unsaltiness the soup - but the thought of soggy rice did not appeal to me. Apparently, this soup is something people should drink when they're sick because it makes them feel all warm and comforted inside :)

raw fresh meat bimbimbab - $13

When this dish first came out, I was a bit surprised (or shocked) because the raw beef had this white frosting on it (as if it came fresh from the freezer). Expected it to be slightly rock hard, it was surprisingly tender, chewy and okay-tasting. Mixed bimbimbab it's still a nice shade of red and again, luckily - not too chilli (and able to be eaten by me).

sweet potato noodles with veges - Medium $20

Of super yumminess, yet nothing special in presentation, was the sweet potato noodles with vegetables (Medium $20). The potato noodles were immersed within the sweetness (yet not too sweet) liquidy-thick sauce. The veges were also super-flavoursome as a result. I could eat this by the plate-fuls!

The service here was not too attentive - I'm going to put it down to us being non-Korean. However, they gave us sauce when we wanted sauce, they gave us bowls (20 mins later) when we asked for bowls, they gave us water when we asked for water... what else can we ask for?

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 28.5/40

Won Jo Korean Restaurant
33 The Boulevarde
NSW, 2135
tel: (02) 9746 7041


Jennissa said...

Do you know whether this restaurant offers buffet? =)

Abz said...

Yes it does, bitch

Anonymous said...

Hahahahha wtf^