Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Butterfingers - American Chocolate


Butterfinger - a chocolate we don't seem to have in mass in Australia. Also, according to my partner, a chocolate bar which gives off wierd X-ray images when you go through customs. Nonetheless, a big box of butterfingers made it through all the barriers from the U.S to me~! :)

Butterfingers have quite a long history. First invented in 1928, the name was chosen by the public and is essentially, a slang used to describe a clumsy person (how suiting for me). Butterfingers were also dropped from planes in cities across the U.S as an ad ploy. It's raining butterfingers!!! Wouldn't mind that here :)

butterfinger insides

So what are they? Biting into a butterfinger reveals a peanuty, caramelly, orange-colored flaky layered center - quite similar to a peanut brittle. In fact, it tastes like a peanut brittle covered in chocolate. It is very yummy on the first bite - and gets sickening sweet if you're finishing the whole bar :)

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Spencer said...

I love Butterfingers. Infact it is one of our best sellers!