Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ichirang - Carlingford


Lunch after church rounded up just a small group of friends this week. Hence, surprisingly, we were actually able to fit inside a restaurant~~~

We decided to eat at Ichirang after a friend said that she wanted cold soba (then forgot that she wanted it). Anyway - I had (again) forgotten my camera and hence we all have to settle for my crappy phone pics :)

Situated in Carlingford Village, a place where the food court seems to get the most business, Ichirang did not have the most amount of customers which meant we were seated almost immediately. There are bento boxes (around $15 ish) and lunch specials. Lunch specials for today included the terriyaki chicken with rice and miso soup ($8.50), terriyaki fish ($9.50) or a udon and sushi set ($12).

The two of my friends who ordered the terriyaki chicken set both commented on how full they were after polishing off the plate. From that, I deduced that the meal was filling and must have tasted alright.

Terriyaki Chicken - $8.50

The beef don (looked a bit like beef bolgogi), mixed katsu don, and of course, the cold soba was also ordered. The beef was mixed with lots of onions and a big pile of rice underneath. Same with the mixed katsu don - looked like a heap of deep fried meat. The cold soba was seriously - just cold soba - a huge lump of green cold carbs complete with soba sauce and chopped shallots lOL :)

Beef Don

Mixed Katsu Don

Cold Soba

I ordered a non-jap meal - the Korean pancake ($11), panfried with mixed seafood and shallots. The taste was a little bit bland. It was helped slightly with the sauce. The seafood also seemed like the tiny marinara mixes you get frozen at the shops. Wasn't hugely tasty - but wasn't too horribly bad either. Also - it was huge~ I could not stomach it all.

Korean Pancake - $11

Overall, the service did not bother much with us. The food came in huge portions. Nonthing spectacular taste-wise, but not horrible tasting either :P

Food- 7/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 26.5/40

Shop G21A, Carlingford Village
372 Pennant Hills Rd.


NSW, 2118
tel: (02) 9872 2629


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