Sunday, November 8, 2009

Palm Breeze Cafe - Burwood

Uni is over!!! :P
As post-uni uni-friend meet ups tend to involve people who live all around sydney, the mid-point for meeting up this time was at Burwood's Palm Breeze Cafe.

I looked at the menu and I wanted to order absolutely pretty much everything! Glancing around at what other people were ordering, I noticed that the portion sizes were pretty HUGE and so, we all just ordered a main each.

Drink-wise, my friend ordered a mango and pineapple frappe. She said this drink was awesome and wonderfully refreshing. My lactose-intolerant friend ordered a soy hot choc - no complaints there either. A diet coke and my awesomeness chocolate thickshake was also ordered. My thickshake was soooo sooo thick! Just the way I like it. Very ice-creamy and slightly too sweet but very yummy nonetheless :)

Mango and Pineapple Frappe

soy hot choc

diet coke

Chocolate thickshake

My friend ordered a half-rack of ribs ($27). This was HUGELY GIGANTIC and piled up like a mountain. Long succulent ribs with meat that just falls off the bone was sitting onto of a mound of crispy yummy chips and topped with barbeque chicken skewers. There was also a big pile of salad accompanied by a tomatoey, subtley chilli may mixture.

half rack of ribs - $27

Two of my other friends ordered veal. There was a vitello oscar ($25.90) which comprised of three hand-sized pieces of veal with grilled fresh prawns, spinach and drenched with hollandaise sauce. The veal was sitting a-top a mound of creamy mash and accompanied with a pile of veges. The other veal dish was the vitello lemon. This veal came with a small jug of light rosemary and lemon sauce. The veal exuded a very healthy vibe to it - none of that juicy fat-ness that you get from a beef steak. The hollindaise sauce was creamy and tasty, and I thought it was slightly yummier than the lemon sauce - which was very quite kind of subtle.

Vitello Lemon - $23.90

Vitello Oscar - $25.90

Lastly, my pasta - pollo al peso ($17.90). My photo does not do justice to it's size. This pasta was tossed in creamy basil pesto sauce, mixed with sauteed chicken and mushrooms and sprinkled with pine nuts. This was very rich and creamy. By the time I was stuffed full, it looked as though I had barely touched my plate LOL.

Pollo al Pesto - $17.90

For dessert, because we were all so full, we decided to share two between the four of us. We ordered the Creme caramel ($8.90) and the Chocolate explosion ($9.90). Contrary to how amazing I found all the mains, the dessert was definately a disappointment. The creme caramel was served with banana and drizzled with condensed milk. Thinking sweet? I'm thinking waaaayyy tooo sickening sweet - so only order if you have a super sweet tooth! The chocolate explosion in real life looked no where near as impressive as it did on the menu. Instead of an impressive warm chocolate melting cake sitting in the middle of a pool of chocolate sauce and accompanied with straweberries and icecream, what we got was more like a cup of cheap watery vanilla icecream with a chocolate pudding that was microwaved minutes before it was served. Very chocolatey though.

creme caramel - $8.90

Not so fab chocolate explosion - $9.90

Overall, Palm Breeze Cafe was a good dining experience. The atmosphere is vibey and the waiters were nice and friendly. I would definately come back for the ribs. And eyeing the seafood platters that came out of the kitchen (plates of seafood piled up like a huge mountain) that should also be an order on our next visit :P However, dessert might just need to be a skip LOL

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 8/10

Ambiance - 7.5/10

Value for money - 8/10

Overall - 32/40

Palm Breeze Cafe
128 Burwood Road

NSW 2134

(02) 9715 7222

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