Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shanghai Night (2) - Ashfield

For a monthly get-together with a few ex-uni buddies, but opting for a slightly more budget yet just as tasty venue, we decided to dine at Shanghai Night at Ashfield.

When we got there, dumplings (of more than one type) was a must. But in addition to the normal dumpling choices, we also decided on the combination cold noodles ($7.50). This was a refreshingly awesome mix of cold egg noodles, cucumber and pork drizzled with an awesomely thick and rich peanuty sauce. YUM. However, too much of this dish would leave you feeling stuffed, starched up and slightly sick.

Combination Cold noodles - $7.50

We couldn't really come to this restaurant and not order the steamed mini pork buns could we? And so, eight plump, juicy, soupy, steamingly hot and flavoursome pork buns were gobbled up by us. Compared to Din Tai Fung (at World Square), these have a much thicker outer flour casing, but also have a more full on meat flavour (whereas Din Tai Fung ones give off a more subtle flavour). Being super soupy and super hot, be sure to not burn your tongue on these!

Steamed mini pork buns - $6.50

We also ordered the steamed vegetarian dumplings ($6.50). I really like steamed vegetarian dumplings but I don't know, the flour casing of these were slightly too thick for me to fully enjoy the flavours of the greens and carrot and vermicelli mix that they enveloped. Still nice and slightly healthier than the pork dumplings, they did taste slightly, just slightly, bland.

Steamed Vegetarian dumplings - $6.50

Last but not least - the pan-fried pork buns ($8.50). It takes a good 20 minutes for these to come out. My excuse for them is because they have to slowly heat them up on a fry-pan until it's whole insides and outs and lefts and rights are all hot hot hot. But that's probably false - there's probably more to the cooking process than just pan-frying. Nonetheless, regardless of how these are cooked, they are always super crunchy on the golden brown bun side, soft (and slightly oily) sesamed on the non-golden brown bun side, and awesomely tastey soupy meaty flavoursomely tongue-burningly good on the inside. All adds up to one world - Deliciousness!

Pan-fried pork buns - $8.50

I love Ashfield and I love Shanghainese food. It's always good for a cheap tasty meal. The only down side is probably that it's quite oily (and also dirty - but ignorance is bliss).

Food - 9/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 30/40

Shanghai Night
275 Liverpool Rd,
NSW 2131
Tel: (02) 9798 8437


missklicious said...

Dumplings are always a tasty and cheap meal! I love the pan fried ones.

bbsnoopy said...

Mmm... always delicious!
but slightly oily and unhealthy i think :P

which Shang place do u like the most in Ashfield?