Monday, February 15, 2010

v-day 2010

V-day 2010 happened to land also on a Sunday and also on Chinese New Year. Having had a family dinner the previous night, it meant that we could have a decent v-day dinner after church. As my partner and I dislike the v-day price hypes at restaurants, we decided to go get takeaway and eat it in the car at a place with a nice view and just chillax. And for this takeaway, we opted for a huge sushi and sashimi platter from Sushi-Ya ($52).

So by the time church finished, it was already around 2pm. As such, we decided to share a kfc meal - with a nice voucher from KFC, this variety meal was only $8.95. This comprised of 1 piece of chicken, 1 crispy strip, 2 wicked wings, a popcorn chicken, potato and gravy, chips, dinner roll and a can of soft drink. Bargain! Lucky we both like fastfood! :)

KFC meal

Our dinner sushi and sashimi platter was huge! California rolls, little salmon, tuna and kingfish rolls, assorted nigiri and sashimi galore. The scallop sashimi was wonderfully awesomely sweet as was the sashimi prawns. Everything on this platter was pretty awesome and fresh. Pretty good thought my partner and I. The only non-good thing was the rain. This meant that although we drove to a spot with untainted views of the bridge and opera house, the rain obscured it and made vision all foggyness. Luckily, there was a brief pause in the rain where we ran out to take photos. And guess what? Halfway during our photo-taking, fireworks boomed into the sky :)

Sushi and Sashimi Platter from Sushi-Ya

Now onto dessert - off to our fast-food joints once more. An Oreo McFlurry from Maccas. Oddly enough, the McFlurry tasted a bit different to how it used to - it was as if the icecream went 'lite' (if that's even possible for food from Maccas). Also, it would have been more awesome with a tripple serve of Oreos LOL.

Oreo McFlurry

Mmm... I wonder what we'd be eating next V-day :)


Sarah Vino said...

NOICE!!! :)

SoRMuiJAi said...

That's such a fantastic idea! A romantic picnic without all the hard work so you can just enjoy each others company. Must remember that ;)

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - we're just really lazy :P