Monday, March 22, 2010

Palm Breeze Cafe (2) - Burwood

Don't come here if you want to be noticed and treated like a human!

This was my second time at Palm Breeze. As my first experience had been rather good, my partner and I rocked in huge ribs for a late dinner. We ended up getting a huge rack of ribs and a mediterranean grilled platter.... and the food was great! The downfall came in the drink - the chocolate thickshake - that my partner ordered.

Not coming as thick as it ought to be, we were ready to be quite forgiving. However, on sipping the thickshake, my partner found black thick hard plastic bits in his drink. What is that??? What was even more astounding is the waitress' reactions. We told the first one - she was like... "err... what?" she then walked away, chatted up the asian dude making the drink... and never ever returned... Yes - she walked past our table repeatedly and pretended to be busy each time... lingered more at the bar to chat up the dude making the drinks... but ignored us. We gave up waiting for the first waitress chick to come back and instead, told yet another waitress. She was like "are you sure it's not the straw?". Yes - we are damn sure it's not the straw. And even if it was the straw, why on earth is the straw falling apart??? She was about to just dismiss us and walk away until my partner suggested "maybe we could get a new one?". She walked away with the contaminated drink looking pissed off and returned a while later with a new one. No eye contact. No apology. No nothing. Ahh... Loving the attentive service~

chocolate thickshake
mystery black plastic bits in the shake
I think that if we weren't so hungry and if we weren't craving for ribs and if we weren't as cbb as we were, we would have done something - stood up and left for one. But we didn't. We stayed. And ate.

Our full rack of ribs ($32) came with salad and a choice of mash or chips. I chose mash in this case. The ribs were GIGANTIC. It was lathered in barbeque sauce, succulent, tender and juicy. Very deliciousness. The orangey sauce... liquidy tomatoey sauce was a bit strange though. However, the mash was very smooth and creamy and unhealthy tasting. To balance the meat and the carbs, the veges was a slightly healthy pile to make me feel good.

full rack of ribs - $32

The Mediterranean grilled platter ($26.50) comprised of a lamb fillet skewer, a chicken skewer and a beef kafta, served with chips, a mediterranean salad, lebanese bread and a variety of dipping sauces (hommus, tzatziki and garlic sauce). The chicken skewer was tender and tasty, and no complaints from my partner about the lamb. The beef was not very appetising (or so thought I) and hence, it was left virtually untouched. The salad was liberally doused with dressing which was vinegary and yum. The chips did manage to get cold very quickly... but were okay nonetheless. In terms of the sauces, our favourite was the garlic by far! The hommus and the tzatziki was just average. All up, this grilled platter combo was average - not spectacular, but not bad either.

Mediterranean mixed grill - $26.50

Overall, the food was pretty good and the portions were huge - filled us til we could eat no more. The service was pretty much non-existant and the fact that they just wanted to ignore our complaint really pissed me off. There was no apology for the drink, no acknowledgement that they were wrong, no discount on our bill... *sigh* So... I guess this cafe should be purely visited for food and nothing more.

Food - 8/10
Service - 1/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 6.5/10
Overall - 22/40

Palm Breeze Cafe
128 Burwood Road
NSW 2134
Tel: (02) 9715 7222

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