Monday, March 1, 2010

Rhinedorf - Beverly Hills

Rhinedorf German Restaurant

After working on a Saturday (which is a truly horrible experience), I was craving meat - and LOTS of it. So in my mind, our dinner choices were either HUGE ribs or HUGE pork knuckle. Seeing that the Mardi Gras was in the city, we chose to avoid that area and opted instead, on going to Beverly Hills for German food at Rhinedorf.

Although the entrees were truly very tempting, my partner and I decided to save our stomach space for the huge mains we were choosing.

Drink-wise, this is the only place where lemon-lime bitters came as bitters in a glass and a glass bottle of schweppes. Mixed together - it became an interesting colour and an interesting taste, which, unfortunately, was not the taste I was used to or after. LOL

Lemon Lime Bitters - $3.50

In terms of food, my partner chose the Kalbshaxen ($26). This was HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE veal knuckle slow roasted with herbs and spices. The meat was so super tender and simply fell off the bone. This was accompanied with red cabbage, roast potatoes and drizzled with gravy. Very tasty but slightly oily and very filling.

Kalbshaxen - $26

I wanted pork crackling. Hence, I ordered the Schweinehaxen ($23). This was a big chunk of pork knuckle, slow roasted with beer and herbs. Although there wasn't an abundant of crackling, there was still enough to satisfy my cravings. The crackling was really good - really crunchy and crackly. It is such a guilty pleasure though - as each bit of crackling is dripping in fat. Definately not for the faint-hearted. The meat however, was slightly varied. Some bits were a bit dry whereas other bits were really tender and juicy. Mmm... It was accompanied with sauerkraut, which was good but not excellent, and roasted potatoes which were sooo herby, fluffy soft and pork-oil tasting. The "gravy" that it came with was a dissappointing patch of oil. But if you were brave enough to soak the meat in this gravy patch, good rewards ensued - you get extremely flavoursome, almost aromatic, juicy pork which enriches your tastebuds but clogs your arteries. LOL Try if you dare.

Schweinehaxen - $23

Unfortunately, although I was so hungry and thought I could eat a horse, I failed miserably. I managed to gobble down all the crackling and probably around a third to a half of the pork. I think that next time, we can just order one knuckle between the two of us and that will probably fill us up. But for this time - the buy one get one free voucher from the E-book meant that we got away with paying less than $35. Bargain! :)

Amazingly, the rowdy, lively diners around us seemed almost capable of gobbling their large portioned meals. This is truly a German restaurant. (I think it's authentic, but I've never actually been to Germany so I probably wouldn't know)

Food - 8/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 29/40

Rhinedorf German Restaurant
485 King Georges Road
Beverly Hills
NSW 2209
Tel: (02) 9570 6763


Simon Food Favourites said...

looks like a good place to share a meal. i really want to find a good pork knuckle place with tender meat and great crackling. sounds like it could be a contender :-)

Renita said...

This place has been around for years! I was here just the other night. Definitely a place if you're feeling carnivorous. Great value too.

I've been a few times now, they've just recently changed their menu. I usually get the pork knuckle, but I went for the shnitzel the other night. Very tender on the inside- a good crunch on the outside.