Monday, August 16, 2010

Harry's Cafe de Wheels - North Parramatta

There has been a recent inclusion of a popular food joint which enters my peripherals as I whiz down Church Street. This is a food joint which, back in the uni days, we'd trek to Woolloomooloo to sit out in the cold in front of the harbour for. Yes! This is Harry's famous pies and hot dogs!!!

However, before we got there, we had to pick up some supplies at Bunnings. There was the delicious aroma of a sausage sizzle and as we walked by, my partner just couldn't resist. Can't even hold out for Harry's?!?!?! Nope - the temptations of the sizzling sausages and caramelised onions won out!

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
Sausage Sizzle - $2.50

It was pretty decent acutally. The sausages kept its shape. Crisp barbequed skin and a mix of all sorts of meats and fats on the inside. Mmmm... Not too bad.

But anyway, back to Harry's. Positioned between a BP and a KFC and a Maccas and really, in the middle of nothingness in Parramatta, this famous pie and hot dog stand still attracts a crowd. I don't know if it's because it's an odd place to put a food joint (being essentially just plonked in a car park) or because it's new and novel, or because people are aware of how yummy this greasy fast food is! Unlike the store in Woollomooloo, however, this one is not open 24/7 so don't trek down here if you're craving a snack at 2am because you will be met with shut doors. (I believe they close at 10pm on most nights, with the exception of Friday and Saturday, which closes at 12 midnight).

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

At Harry's my partner opted for a 'Hot Dog de Wheels' ($5.70). Compared to the sausage sizzle, my partner said that this was a different class - that it was not about the sausage here, but rather the condiments. This Hot Dog de Wheels came with the lot - chilli con carne, mushy peas, and garlic onions. Cheesey and chilli sauce was drizzled on top. My partner thought it was yum - but really really hard to eat without everything falling apart.

Hot Dog de Wheels - $5.80

I had in mind what I wanted before I got here - their famous 'Tiger' ($5.70). I got it with a chunky beef pie. The chunky beef pie was topped with a heap of mash and mushy peas. Within the peas, there was a pool of gravy. This was YUM but slightly too salty. The chunky pieces of beef was tender and almost melts in your mouth. The pastry was good and the mushiness of the mash and peas complimented it really well :)

Tiger - $5.70

It was a good quick lunch. Tasty and delicious. The seats at this place were uber uncomfortable though. I guess the deal is that you're supposed to grab it and run and not to linger here for long.

Food - 8/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 27/40

Harry's Cafe de Wheels
431 Church Street (Crn Fennell)
North Parramatta
NSW 2151
Tel: (02) 9890 2427


chocolatesuze said...

hehe i was so excited when i saw harry's being built in my hood! something fast to eat other than kfc and maccas woot

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - we need more exciting eating places out here :P