Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ryo's Noodles (2) - Crows Nest

This blog started with a post at Ryo's Noodles. Since then, my partner and I have been trying really hard to get back for a yummy bowl of noodles only to be met with multiple doorknob seeking experiences. But at long last, on a cold ish Sunday night - we found it open! Not only was it open, there was a long line of people waiting outside. The thing about the people waiting in this line is that ... they all spoke Japanese! Love it. If Jap people are willing to wait here for a measly bowl of noodles, it must be authentically worth it :)

My craving for the night was for yummy thick, but not too thick, tonkotsu pork soup. I ordered the soy sauce flavoured tonkotsu soup with 2 slices of tender soft roast pork, a HUGE piece of nori seaweed (YUM), egg, naruto fish cakes and shallots ($11.50). It was deliciousness! The noodles were al dente and soaked up all the richness of the pork soup. The egg encapsulated a runny yolk - yet, slightly a tiny bit too salty. Sesame seeds galore on this. This was seriously awesome! Compared to Gumshara, the soup is not as thick. This soup is more balanced. The noodles here are nicer and all the condiments (apart from the egg) is more delicious I think.

soy sauce flavour tonkotsu - $11.50

My partner opted for "the special". This is not on the menu. It is a mix of my noodle soup with the chilli spicy hot flavour soup, again served with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots and shallots. This soup is not chilli. Rather, it is thick, gooey, flavoursome with just a hint of chilliness. My partner gulped this down - but not as quickly as the two people sitting on the next table. They downed it in less than 5 minutes. It must have been that deliciousness :)

the "special" - $11.50

We also ordered some sides. My pick was the soft shell crab ($5). Sooooo juicy and sweet and battered and deep fried to pretty much perfection. It was crispy on the outside and soft juiciness inside. I reckon I could eat multiple of these!

soft shell crab - $5

My partner's pick was the karaage chicken ($5.50). This was really really tender and juicy. Crispy deep fried batter and with some clumps of fat sticking to the tender meat. Super hot and fresh and when eaten with the mayo - YUM :)

karaage chicken - $5.50

Food at Ryo's is awesomely deliciousness. Ambiance is that of a cozy jap noodle joint. I guess everytime you come here, the question is not whether or not there will be a line - but rather, how long will the line be? But, line or no line, the food here is enough to draw me back!

Food - 9.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8.5/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 35/40

Ryo's Noodles:
125 Falcon St
Crows Nest
Tel: (02) 9955 0225

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