Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Super Choice Buffet Restaurant - Auburn

So we were driving one night and we decided spontaneously that we felt like going to a buffet because we hadn't been in a long while. Being on the M4, the closest RSL buffet to us was Auburn - and so to Auburn RSL's Super Choice Buffet we went!

Being a Saturday night, price for an adult was $22. Saturday night was also seafood night and omgosh - there were SOOOOOO many people. And sooooooo many people were asian and even I (being asian) felt a little overwhelmed.

Anyway - variety was good at this buffet. Lots of seafood, fast food, deep fried food, yum-cha food, roasts food etc etc etc. There was also a special section which was "manned" for most of the night. This was the place where there was crab, XO vermicelli scallops, stir-fried garlic shoots, and crispy salt and pepper prawns. Next to this area was also shark-fin soup (with very limited sharks fin ... but still nice). The seafood wasn't 100% awesome, but it was decent.

The food here was plentiful up until probably around 8pm. So if you were thinking of coming here for a late dinner - don't bother. They start packing up not long after 8. The food was decent in general, but close to the end of the night, things got a bit fishy. For instance, deep fried scallops became deep fried seafood extenders in scallop shapes, and deep fried calamari rings were.... umm... some sort of chickeny mix??!?!?!?!

Notice that there's no shots of desserts. No dessert was noteworthy to actually eat, much less photograph.

shark fin soup
XO scallops

one of these was deep fried scallop - one was deep fried seafood extenders in scallop shape (and so were subsequent ones)
my calamari rings were... umm...non-calamari???

Mmm... so I guess, for seafood - it's decent. Cheap ish. But come early! But arrange a different place for dessert!

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 5.5/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 25/40

Super Choice Buffet Restaurant
Auburn RSL
33 Northumberland Rd,
NSW, 2144
Tel: (02) 9643 9800


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Bit worried about the non-calamari calamari ring! Or could just be really flaky calamari??

bbsnoopy said...

unfortunately - definately NOT calamari. Tasted like some kind of chickeny mince mixture?

Anonymous said...

We went for a saturday lunch we love it $14 per person with prawn and steamed fish good value for money and the noodle bar items are an extra bonus
Market atmosphere no quiet area

Anonymous said...

there is formed and non formed calamari. The one you have pictured is formed calamari. ie minced ingredients (probably squid, flour etc) formed into the shape.