Monday, October 4, 2010

Chatime - Eastwood

Time for a yummy ice-cold (or hot) drink? For months now, Chatimes have been popping up everywhere... like, EVERYWHERE ... or atleast, everywhere where Asians abound. So when my partner said he wanted some Chatime and asked where he could get one, the first suburb I though of was Eastwood.

Chatime - Eastwood

I ordered my favourite drink - milk tea with grass jelly. The thing I love about Chatime is that my drink is actually not only a standard menu drink, it is also a "popular" drink. I remember going to HK Cafe in Chatswood a good 2-3 years ago asking for this combination just to be met by super weird looks from the store people. Can't help but be a trend-setter ! LOL . Anyway, the tea at Chatime is really good. It's strong. You can taste the tea flavour (not like some other bubble tea places), and it's not too sweet. Just right almost!

milk tea with grass jelly

On this particular day, my partner opted for the pearl milk tea with azuki red beans. He said that his drink wasn't tea flavoured enough - I think this was because of the red beans. We also saw on the board that there was also a "premium" pearl milk tea available (for 20c extra). My partner ordered this the next day and claimed that it was super super more tea flavoured... psychological effect thought I. Anyway, the pearl milk tea here is damn good. The pearls are just the right chewy consistency and complements the yummy milk tea well.

Pearl milk tea with azuki red bean

All in all, Chatime is SOOOO much better than Easyway (I think). It is slightly expensive but almost worth it... sometimes :)

Drink- 8.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29.5/40

Chatime (Eastwood Store)
145-149 Rowe St
NSW 2122


Lil said...

I had the matcha green tea [warm]
It was divinee~
I wasn't too impressed by the azuki red bean milk tea either
But the mango QQ was good as well!

bbsnoopy said...

yeh, the azuki takes the tea flavour out a bit I think. Don't know why my partner likes azuki beans so much anyway LOL

suno said...

last Thursday, i had the chatime milk tea and feels like vomiting. one of the worst milk i ever had.

Anonymous said...

suno your crazy love chatime!!!!!